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  1. Great collection Rob!!! I will pass that to ppl who still think we vegans are skinny and look unhealthy!
  2. Hi guys, has anyone of you tried Lopino (do you spell it that way btw???) before? Do you like it? What kind of products are available in stores and are there any companies out there who specialized on lopino foods? In Germany some companies offer Lopino steaks and stuff like that.
  3. wow thanks for the information. I didn't know!
  4. oh my..I guess this wouldn't work with my knees!
  5. So actually you are saying that it's definately not possible to get a body like Schwarzenegger or another great bodybuilder without the use of steroids, right?
  6. But not always, right? Just in the end of his bb carrier!?!
  7. Yes, but they need to look a little more aesthetic too.
  8. Hi guys, did Arnold take steroids and other stuff? I've heard so but couldn't believe it. Are there any bodybuilders you know that are build naturally and look huge too?
  9. Sorry, but I don't get what you mean?!? If I'd loose fat I'd also loose muscles??? I thought they would test these guys. No?
  10. Are you sure? I thought they would test these guys before or after competition. Are all of the pros on steroids or did you meant something else? I am really interested. Would it be possible to become that huge without anything except some vitamin pills?
  11. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! "It was hot back then too. Why do you think Adam and Eve were naked?" rofl
  12. OH yeahh! I definately can see a change. You look much bigger but your sixpack is missing too
  13. First of all I think there is no such thing as a "pet"! Secondly I think that you shouldn't think about the situation your "pet" lives in but rather about the situations in which thousands of "pets" have to live because there is a breeding industry. A good point to start is by watching "Earthlings". There you'll find everything well explained!
  14. Then by the same token, if one really cares about human welfare one would not adopt a human baby as they are made by humans enjoying themselves (ie human enjoyment). Also, by your friend's reasoning if one does adopt this human baby, it could be said that one would be supporting the sex/porn industry in some way, because well - there's still only 1 way to make babies.... Sorry, but your friend is waaay off ( directed at your friend)... and at a guess, I'd say he was trying to "yank your chain." haha I really should remember this argumentation! It's genius!
  15. Yesterday I met on of these guys...oh how I hate it!
  16. Got you! Now I know why veganpotter hasn't weight problems...he goes on a diet sometimes!
  17. Sounds amazing! I always wanted to visit Portland. Now you have a chance to eat all that yummy vegan stuff they sell there.
  18. Yeahh and some eggs I guess! Sounds yummy but for breakfast...
  19. I never tried a raw cake. I think I'll do it in the near future. Thanks for sharing it!
  20. Wow, I saw him in "Peaceable Kingdom". It really made me sad to see him cry and all that.
  21. This one is really ing. Do these marketing people think that it'll turn people on if they show the direct connection between animals and their products? I thought they always wanted to hide the fact...anyway: this is perverse especially that this guy slaps the cow!
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