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  1. Yes, I visited this site before. It's hilarious if you ask me but dumb too for sure! haha DA-IRY
  2. Maybe you train too much??? Relax your bones for a while...
  3. Damnit! You all are so lucky! I couldn't each that much even if I wanted and honestly I do! I love peanut butter but if I eat to much it'll get on my hips :/
  4. wow, that sounds absolutely unbelievable - literally! They do have a vegan pre-school???? :schock: Oh my gosh, I could not have imagined that there would exist such a place on this planet! But why do they need a vegan bike shop? What is vegan on a bike and what not?
  5. Sounds interesting! And what do they do for living? btw: Daywalker, is your girlfriend moving with you? You still do have a girlfriend, right? Or is this a delicate matter and I rather shouldn't ask?
  6. What kind of "community" is this?
  7. Hi, how many reps do I have to make with weights to make sure I am getting bigger? For the last couple of month I made about 6, sometimes 10 and even 12. When I do 6 reps and lower my muscles hurt sometimes after training and I have to take a longer pause. I guess 12 would be the best or do you go lower? A friend of mine told me about "french" and "american" training. French would be 12 reps and in general to build the muscles slower and american would be to really pump everything up and take higher weights.
  8. That looks awsome! Thanks for sharing that recipe and for the effort in putting on these pictures But after all I guess it has still too many calories for me though
  9. Hi guys, lately I read so much about Portland and how vegan friendly it is. I was wondering how it is in reality. Are there many vegan restaurants and grocery stores? Are there many vegan gatherings and parties and stuff like that? I would really like to visit it actually! Cheers Attila
  10. Great pictures! I'd really love to try that follow your heart cheese. @daywalker: Are you still there? Could you get me some of the follow your heart cheese (Mozzarella and Cheese?) when you come back from your trip? I heard so many good things about it. That would be so amazing. I would pay the shipping and all.
  11. Hi, what does <3 means? I really don't get it and read it very often its is a heart. imagine a heart turned sideways. its an emoticon. its people's ways of saying "love " Hey, thanks a lot! I didn't get it until now!
  12. Sorry guys, but I hate beer... thx though but I will take the option that includes training
  13. Hey guys, thanks for your advices. I'll try them all but veganpotter, I think I won't be able to purchase a sixpack anywhere around. Can you send me one?
  14. Wow, great podcast. I listened to both! Keep up the good work!
  15. Hi, what does <3 means? I really don't get it and read it very often
  16. Hi guys, how can I get a six pack. Currently I am training my stomach with an exercise that includes weights. Don't know how to explain it but it's really cool. You have to pull down a rope and bend until you reach the bottom or something like that... But I really want to have a big six pack (what guy doesn't ). Can anybody give me an advise? Thanks
  17. No, but I'm pretty sure that consciousness, thought, decision making, emotion and pain can all be tied to processes within an evolved brain; something that a bee lacks. The most bees I know are pretty smart when trying to steel the jelly from my toast
  18. I'm in too if you would pay me the flight from Germany to Portland! I would cook a fine meal for all of you. hahaha
  19. I am totally with you on this subject! Thanks for pointing it out!
  20. A person that is brain dead once had consciousness. A bee is more like a large flying bacteria. Wow, how do you know? Have you ever been a bee in your past life or so? Maybe scientists haven't dismembered enough bees to get that information already...
  21. Great list. I saw it on a myspace profile website before. Good information though
  22. I didn't have a problem with eating honey until I found out that bees are burned every year before winter because it would be too expensive for the beemaster to keep them alive over the cold winter! Another point is that bees get sugarwater in exchange for the honey! It's their food how ridiculous this may seem to you (as it did before I changed my mind ) but I don't want to support this kind of exploitation thus I don't consume it! There are a lot of vegan products in stores that tastes much better than honey if you ask me! You can get a better image on this awsome website (unfortunately it is written in german) http://soylent-network.com/doku/09_bienenhaltung.htm Bees are killed every time the beekeeper extracts the honey because they try to defend themselves with their spike thus they have to die. (Maybe some of you don't know but bees have only one spike and if they ever use it they can't take it out of the skin. The bee body gets destroyed... After all honey became a product for the masses and is available everywhere thus bees have to suffer much more...
  23. Absolutely great website! The sight of the icecream made my mouth water! http://www.nwveg.org/Pictures/Soft%20serve.jpg
  24. http://www.attilahildmann.com/en/chili_sine_carne/chili_sine_carne.htm
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