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  1. It's just Photoshop! ...I am kidding! Great pics!
  2. Do most people think like that? I honestly don't know. But if they don't think like that and still eat meat I offend them and they'll think: Wow, how gross is that!!! How can he does that? That is so ugly I need to do something against it...then they'll realize that can't do anything because they are still the ones that support animal cruelty...
  3. Well that's why I think it would be better portrayed as simply what it is and not a mockery. I think the condescending tone would turn me off personally if I ate meat and I would stop half way through and do something else. That's not to say it won't get people to question themselves, I just think it would reach more people without the condescention. That's the view from a vegan but most people think exactly like that and what you call "condescention" is their normal way of speaking about animals!
  4. I made an account too today!
  5. Thanks! I almost overlooked that! I really understand your point. I've had these recipes on my german site for about a year or so. If you search the german google site for "steak rezept" it's the second entry. I want people to be shocked by what is going on and what they call normal daily life! At first most of them think what a lunatic did this but when they enter the main page they'll understand that I am against it!
  6. I just finished the pork recipe. Would you be so kind to check this too? That would be great! http://attilahildmann.com/en/pork_cutlet_recipe/pork_cutlet_recipe.html
  7. Great, that helped me a lot. I already corrected them thanks to you! What about the flow of the text? Is that alright too?
  8. Yes, I liked it Great, thanks!
  9. Which means you liked it? lol, yes that's possible too!
  10. Thanks for the tip! If you find any more mistakes please tell me (including my posts in this forum) A friend of mine did them who makes a lot of other documentations. Check out his website: www.soylent-network.com He has some great flash animations too!
  11. Hi guys, I finished translating my famous "steak recipe". It's a website for meat eaters who are confident that consuming meat or other animal products is ok. Don't get upset when watching those pictures and especially those sarcastic texts. http://www.attilahildmann.com/en/steak_recipe/how_to_make_a_steak.html Show it to your friends that would be helpful. Meat still is dead animal! If you find any spelling mistakes please tell me and I'll correct them right away!
  12. Oh my gosh! That lifts my spirit! Really great story and unbelievable pictures! " title="Applause" /> You got my respect!!!!
  13. Wow, I am not able to watch this right now...those images are horrible!
  14. Wow, great pics and very beautiful landscape! Looks like paradise to me
  15. That's totally awsome. I am lucky for you!!! Now you'll get more money and don't have to work at mc Donalds anymore - just great! Maybe it's like that! http://www.mcvideogame.com/game.html
  16. Wow, L.A. sounds great! I mean: in L.A. you have a lot more opportunity for your career, vegan networking and make sure to visit Hollywood! Maybe the next star is born...the vegan star! I see it coming: Terminator 4 with a vegan...hahaha I already saw your PeTA ad and you made a great figure!
  17. Sounds really interesting! We should make a movie night here in Berlin if you drop by someday You'll get some nice food too - I promise! hehe
  18. Hey, they look kinda kool!
  19. Hey guys, just drop by and let's chat a little. It became so empty there! www.vegan-forum.com btw: I tried to register at veganforum.com - the other vegan board but they shut registration off...
  20. thanks potter. They all have nutritional yeast in it When I first went vegan I hated it but now I like it sometimes - kind of scary!
  21. recipe? I just tried to make some parma on my own and mixed walnuts with nutritional yeast and some salt. It's quite good!
  22. What do they use instead? But they have so many flavours...did you try their original gardenburger or just some other flavour without the meat taste? vegan icecream? Great! What kind of? Since you are a german: try the new italian icecream in healthstores here. It's called naturattiva. Great stuff: soy and rice based! http://www.attilahildmann.com/produkte/bilder/naturattiva/naturattiva_schoko_vanille.jpg
  23. Did anyone of you tried Gardenburger products? Like for example their hamburgers, chickin wings and spare ribs! I can't buy their products here in Germany...
  24. Attila

    Veg TV

    Hi guys, I found this site today and already downloaded all of their shows. They simply rock! Great vibe and they do have some really interesting recipes....gotta go to the kitchen now! Check it out: http://vegtv.com/
  25. I don't really get it: ruin your health for some muscles. I am training as well but I wouldn't go that far to risk my own health and future...
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