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  1. lately I read an article about flex wheeler. It stated that he had kidney problems and he was quoted and said it has nothing to do with his intake of steroids. But he admitted that he had taken steroids! Wow! Now he has a new kidney and is more into martial arts and fighting rather... Do you think this guy is clean?
  2. Hey Kelley, thanks for your comment. That would be great!
  3. Do you have a link or anything about this subway ad?
  4. Me too. I don't like their cheese slices and cream cheese substitute. It's just too artificial. Once we had their ice cream in some organic shops here in Berlin and I tried two flavors - it just sucked.
  5. I tried the Slices too. They are okay for my taste but not as good as real slices imo. I've never heart of Follow Your Heart but it sounds interesting. Actually I thought there would be much more in the states. Just two good cheese alternatives - that's a pity!
  6. Smoked tofu rocks. I like it in Spaghetti Carbonara as bacon substitute together with soycream and fresh black pepper. Tasty! http://attilahildmann.com/en/spaghetti_carbonara/spaghetti_carbonara.htm
  7. Hi guys, do you have any soy cheese favourite? Here in Germany you can buy soycheese at onlinestores. Most of them are gross imo. What do you have overseas? Are there any good substitutes to cowmilkcheese available in grocery stores and so on? photos would be nice too!
  8. Well, this one is really stupid. But watch for yourself: http://www.collegehumor.com/movies/1686985/
  9. Great pictures! Unfortunately I don't get those tofutti cuties here in Germany
  10. Wow, that sounds very tough! I've heard of a few guys in my environement who have a soy allergy but I never felt some symptons myself and that would really be a shame: I love all kinds of soy - yoghurts, ice cream, tofu, tofuburger, soydrink and so on. I really can't imagine a life without soy products!
  11. Hey, thx Rob! Everything is alright, except I am a little tired of studying... What were you doing?
  12. hehe, Tonya superstar! Do you have any plans about future projects?
  13. She really does? I thought she was a vegan... Great list btw! But I never heard that Christian Bale is a vegan/vegetarian? Is that true?
  14. Hey, there I am again. I had a lot to do in the last few month so I had no chance of posting in the forum. Sorry guys. I'll take the next days and'll definately read a lot what happened here. btw: check out my new flash webpage if you like http://www.attilahildmann.com/en/vegan_splash/veganism.html
  15. yeah, turkey is one of the country I really avoid visiting. You should all watch the movie EARTHLINGS - you can download it here: http://mirror.roland-kaufmann.ch/Earthlings.avi There is a scene where turkish people take a stray dog into a garbage truck and let him be crushed there - awful.
  16. Yea, really. Fear is the best way to get people to do what you want, right? I mean rumors of bombs, weapons, "illegal" immigrants," "vicious" animals...it all works. We've had two mountain lions killed here within the past few months. By the media reports, you'd think we were in grave danger. As long as you can say you feared for your life you can get away with most anything -- that's true within the legal system. totally agreed! Fear is what moves ppl.
  17. that one is funny! what about this one: "only dead fish swim with the stream"
  18. Definately one of the best websites I've ever seen! Great work! btw: the "enhanced experience" didn't work with my firefox browser. Thus I had to take opera and some videos loaded a bit slow.
  19. I cannot convince you, sorry! @topic: ing, I don't want to know what is going on in military driven laboratories!
  20. Now I undersand a little bit more! But hey, Peta could at least try to do their best and build some shelters!
  21. Happy Birthday Rob! You're doing a great job with this website! Keep up the good work and become stronger and bigger! Best wishes from me
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