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  1. Welcome to the forum TigreBella! I am glad that you are enjoying the community and hope that it helps you in your vegan journey and with your goals.
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    Aloha Jason! I hope to someday make it to Hawaii - it looks like such a beautiful place! Welcome to VBB! Also, if I might ask what "Tsuji" means? I am assuming it is Hawaiian? Is it your name?
  3. Hey Lena, I saw in other threads you had also asked about finding Hemp protein. I'm actually suprised to hear that you are unable to find it where you live (however I realize you may be from a small town). I know in Canada you can find a number of brands of Hemp protein and should be able to pick some up while in Toronto. In the states we even have a number of brands (all Canadian) to choose from but a good option when buying in bulk (and a convenient option if you are unable to find a store in your area that sells) is http://www.manitobaharvest.com/ where you can buy Hemp protein with and w/o fiber. (the fiber version has a few less grams of protein but much more fiber). A lot of people here also buy from trueprotein.com but I do not know their shipping to Canada. Just thought I'd leave a few notes. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi Robert, I agree with all of the positive things said. I've been fortunate to have met you a couple times and you're definitely one of the nicest guys. I found your accomplishments, kindness and postive energy inspirational. Thanks. Also, the principles you shared for living life are a great way to live.
  5. The other thought I had was that a well created veggie dish might be more attractive to a meat eater than faux meats anyway. I saw this today actually. A co-worker ordered a veggie dish for lunch because it looked good was a platter containing a variety of interesting Greek foods. Had the option been faux meat versus gyro meat I feel very confident I know what the choice would have been. Obviously it is just one meal, but the more of these veggie "one meals" everyone eats is a good thing. I realize I am hijaking the thread and on a slight tangent so I digress. Back to the discussion of fake meats. Which as I mentioned above I do support. Oh and Emmybear, the Tofu DV mentioned at Trader Joe's is a great option. It is high-protein so contains about 30% more protein per ounce then normal tofu. Try it in something that has a strong flavor such as a curry. Just cut it into cubes and soak it in the sauce a bit beforehand.
  6. I certainly support fake meats but I personally do not like them. I like tofu though, especially if it is prepared and marinated well. Often it seems like fake meats are used to replace a meat-based meal. Instead of hotdogs it's tofudogs, instead of steak it is a fake meat substitute. It seems to me it might reinforce the idea that a meat-centered diet is the way meals should be formed and replacements can be found for every type of meat available rather than create entirely new dishes. And there certainly is nothing wrong with that, I just find it interesting.
  7. If you live in the US then you definitely can't grow it (even many countries that do allow Hemp to be grown regulate it). In the US though we can buy and consume the raw hemp seeds (and other products) but I agree they probably won't germinate. (Manitoba Harvest and Living Harvest both sell raw hemp seeds that are cold-processed to no-more than 40degree C (104 F) ). That did make me interested as to why it wouldn't germinate (my assumption because it they are hulled) and I thought about doing an online search but then thought that maybe it would be interpreted as a search to learn how to grow Hemp so I decided against it.
  8. "You down with V.B.B. (Yeah you know me) You down with V.B.B. (Yeah you know me) You down with V.B.B. (Yeah you know me) Who's down with V.B.B. (All the Veggies!)"
  9. I like how Taco Bell offers "Fresco" options now. For those unfamiliar they replace the cheese and sauces for the pico de gallo salsa. And since it is a menu option, it's been a little easier to order this then to order without cheese plus you get the yummy salsa on the bean burrito for same price. (Not to mention that on the bean/rice burrito there are 2 types of cheeses... somehow it just seemed to add to the confusion). I've still had them make a few mistakes but now that it is a menu option it happens much less.
  10. 8 for the price of one. Can't get a better deal than that! Sorry that a few didn't make it... these bunnies are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! I love the one with the bunny in the bowl and the one with the teenie babies in the lettuce in bag.
  11. You look great already and going to a gym should assist with your goals even more. I totally understand about your gym experience regarding the sales pitch. When I have gone to discuss this I always felt uneasy not only because I had to deal with their sales pitches, but because I disliked the fact that the gyms in my area generally do not post prices so I never knew if I was getting the best deal (it may have improved a bit now). But you have to sit down with the "dealers" to get a membership quote. Anyway, just wanted to wish you the best toward your goals and also mention that I really like your online journal name. It makes me laugh.
  12. Hey Kat! Welcome! I don't have anything to add to your question just noticed this was your first post here on VBB and also you mentioned being new to the Seattle-area which is where I am from so thought I'd welcome you here as well.
  13. Awesome job guys! The decision just seems to get harder each week. This one is one of the closest.
  14. Vega shirts are cool! Would appreciate to learn if any ever become available due to some promotion or even just available to buy. Oceansidepublishing in Canada was selling everything from t-shirts, to golf-shirts to scarfs etc. for both Men and Women but I just found out the line is discontinued so they have none to sell.
  15. Yeah, personally I could do without swearing in the gym. But then again I am one who could do without it anywhere. However having said that maybe some people are motivated by it. So far no one in this thread but I never would have thought being swore at could help anyone cook but it seems it seems to work on Hell's Kitchen.
  16. Yeah, when I saw you at VegFest you had the long hair. We really liked it long. Of course either way is cool.
  17. Awesome job! You are definitely very faithful to all of your classes and routines which is cool and I was also impressed with your posted numbers. Keep up the great work. Oh and on a sidenote the outdoor track at your gym sounds really nice, but I guess you need to live somewhere warm like Orlando to enjoy that. Here with temps generally in the 50s and overcast/rainy days often it is not as useful. Although I must admit the summers here are perfect. Anyway, great job!
  18. You are totally ripped! I have to agree that you have a lot of lean muscle and look great. As far as the weights in the gym, it won't be long until your muscles adapt and your lifts skyrocket. Keep it up!
  19. Awesome that you posted your "before" pics. Of course I say before based on your comments of posting an update in a month or so. But looking great now. I like the 3rd and 4th photos in particular. I think they show your arm, chest, and lats(?) particularly well. I am fairly new and need to get up to speed on the muscle groups. But anyway, awesome so far...
  20. Good job on meeting your weight goal (looks like you did it a whole month and a half early ). I was just curious what goals you have for yourself. Are you going for particular lifts or maybe just to have a particular look you are trying to obtain? I am looking to begin more of a program as well, I've also been mostly just lifting when I make it to the gym. Getting ideas now. Once I have that I may post a journal as well. Once again congrats and good luck on your routine and building.
  21. Awesome job on your current gains and good luck on all of the goals you just posted! I like how your goals are very specific and cover a wide range of muscle groups with both lifting goals and cardio (running). Not to mention amazingly high weights. Awesome bench!
  22. Awesome job on your weight loss and the muscle you are currently gaining. You can really see the difference in each progressive stage!
  23. I know my post is a little behind, but congrats on your win! That is awesome and I loved the detailed recap of your event. With all that seemed to be going wrong at the beginning it is awesome that you were able to overcome that and still win your group (final results will also be interesting). I know you would never give up and it probably pushed you a little more but I've heard there is a lot to be said about being in your "game" rythym/focus (mental, physical) and its cool that you were able to overcome and not let that affect your final outcome. This may have already been discussed in the past but do you ever ride with helmet cams? That would be fun to see. Congrats again.
  24. Hey Endy, welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here. Yeah, cheese can be the hardest thing for a person to give up. If you are looking to do so I think you'll find a lot of helpful advice and ideas. Regardless you'll find the group full of support. Welcome!
  25. Awesome Richard! I was wondering how one should decide which to vote for. You definitely have a method and it looks like it has helped a lot of people decide. As for me, I think I'll look for less painful approach to deciding. Seriously though, it is awesome that everyone (and the girls too) had the courage to post their pictures. It is fun to vote and motivating to see them all. I gotta work my tris now.
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