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  1. Thanks for this! I've been doing this routine for a bit now and I'm already seeing great results. I'll keep it up and post pictures if I find a noticeable difference in my shape.
  2. I've recently run into an Omega-3 deficiency. I'm fine now and taking flax seed oil in my morning protein shake, but I was wondering how the rest of you supplement your fatty acids.
  3. I think Richard's right. If you sound like the part, just tell them you are. You'll be getting checks sent to you in no time.
  4. I host a weekly radio show on a National Public Radio affiliate out of Hartford, CT. I was wondering if anybody else on the forum was a vegan broadcaster? TV, radio, whatever.
  5. You're on your way to becoming a vicious mountain man!
  6. I haven't measured, but I know that I feel more energetic, pumped, my shirts feel tighter, and it's something I can see in the mirror, too. I realized it over the past few days because the sun has been out, and I opted to do pushups outside this morning instead of doing my usual bench routine at the gym--where I would be out of the sun. I got some good results from doing my workout outside, surprisingly.
  7. I don't know why, but I always feel like my muscles swell a bit after I've been in the sun for a good 10-15 minutes straight. I also feel stronger and more energized. I tried flying, but alas, I am not Birdman. But the muscle thing still puzzles me. Anybody have any answers as to why this is?[/u]
  8. I freaking HATE "gun show" comments. Nobody is selling tickets, seriously.
  9. With all due respect, Phillipe, I've seen the photo of you dancing at a rave, and I think big muscles are the least of your worries. But really, this worry of yours was silly and unfair no matter how you looked at it. Oh, snap!
  10. I don't know where you should start. It depends on what you want to improve.
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