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  1. I haven't measured, but I know that I feel more energetic, pumped, my shirts feel tighter, and it's something I can see in the mirror, too.


    I realized it over the past few days because the sun has been out, and I opted to do pushups outside this morning instead of doing my usual bench routine at the gym--where I would be out of the sun.


    I got some good results from doing my workout outside, surprisingly.

  2. I don't know why, but I always feel like my muscles swell a bit after I've been in the sun for a good 10-15 minutes straight. I also feel stronger and more energized.


    I tried flying, but alas, I am not Birdman. But the muscle thing still puzzles me.


    Anybody have any answers as to why this is?[/u]

  3. Well it can be anoying from time to time, when people who are just average, or even skinny always comment on you being more muscular than them. But I don't think I've ever been ashamed about being muscular.. maybe sometimes about being too skinny


    Most times I don't give a crap about what other people say and I'd recommend that to anyone - since most people also think, avoiding animal products is unhealthy and so on...


    I freaking HATE "gun show" comments. Nobody is selling tickets, seriously.

  4. If i had muscles then i would be deemed noticeable to the men folk in a sexual manner, this freaked me out so i avoided working out for this reason mostly.


    With all due respect, Phillipe, I've seen the photo of you dancing at a rave, and I think big muscles are the least of your worries. But really, this worry of yours was silly and unfair no matter how you looked at it.


    Oh, snap!

  5. Has anyone seen it yet? It's such a beautiful movie, and it's really heartbreaking, too.


    It's this story of a woman growing up in Iran and dealing with wars, revolutions, family problems, and a lot more.


    It's an animated feature based on graphic novels, and the framing the storyline is just beautiful.


    The movie can be really funny at times, but it's moving to say the least.


    Has anyone seen it?





    I can't find any preview of it that isn't in French. I don't know why, because the version I saw was dubbed in English, and Iggy Pop voiced one of the girl's uncle.

  6. haha no i actually wrote that before your avatar was posted. It's a good one. Can't help but wonder what the einstein award is all about



    DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!! That's Mark Twain! :-P

    But he IS kind of far away, so I understand. There are plenty of white men with scruffy hair and mustaches on awards nowadays.


    It's from the radio station I work at.

  7. When I look down, they don't look that big, but when I look at myself in the mirror, they're really wide; but I've got a wide build, generally.


    If I look at myself from the side in the mirror, I'm kind of bewildered as to how wide I can look when facing myself directly.

  8. I produce a radio show every week, so my schedule is pretty open. I can move my work around, but I just have to worry about having the finished product by the end of the week.


    Though I have this freedom with my schedule, I've kept my workouts in the morning for as long as I could remember. Sometimes I can be a pain to get to the gym by 7:30, but on the first lift of anything, I perk right up--even if I haven't gotten a good night's sleep.


    I think I may feel a bit more alert, and maybe stronger, in the evenings; however, after having several meals, I don't really feel like lifting heavy.


    I feel lighter in the morning, so I think that's when I should do it. Maybe this isn't a great explanation, but I tried. :-P

  9. If you eat pasta--which I'm sure you do--try switching to Gnocchi (or Italian potato pasta).


    I've come to enjoy it more in my veganism, and I feel a lot of energy when I lift after eating it. It's a real killer, and it's some heavy food, too. It really stays with you for a while, and it's got a lot of density to it.

  10. This is some story and background, almost seems surreal like a story about hercules or something nevertheless your progress shots pic all that heresay where it belongs immediately. Your shots match your background description to the tee.


    Do you still train with your father? Does it upset him that you eat a plant based diet? It's cool that you had a vegetarian girlfriend; were you transitioning before you met her or was she the influence? Still with her?


    I'm psyched about having you here. I understand why you do not have an avatar because after all, how would you be able to fit your lats into the width of the pic? You wouldn't!




    I was interested in not eating meat before her, but I attribute my change to her since she served as a good blueprint to how the diet works. Alas, I am not with her anymore, but that's a good thing so don't worry.


    I used to train with my dad for my first year or so of lifting weights. Unfortunately, he stopped going with me. See, he was a phenomenal lifter and trainer, but his anti-social and negative attitude is really what kept him from making it huge. Whenever we'd go to any gym, people he hadn't seen in years would come up, say hi, ask him for advice, ask how he's doing, and be really happy to see him.


    I think it was a little too much for him to see the life he had left behind, and he was never in a good mood when we were done at the gym. He's even told me that it was upsetting to him that he's never been able to make money at the one thing he knew he could do well.


    However, I know it's because he's got a bit of a temper, he catered exclusively to steroid-using powerlifters when he has owned gyms in the past, and refused to train in any other format. However, that's not something I'd tell him.


    Is my avatar not showing up? It should be. I thought I followed the directions correctly. I mean, I can see it, at least.

  11. Welcome aboard You're bodyweight chronology is very similar to mine...mentally I'm still an overeater how about you??? It never gets easier for me.


    Hah! Remember, I said that overeating put me in that mess, BUT that doesn't mean I don't love to eat! :-P


    If I'm ever at a falafel place, I can put away three once in a while without blinking. I also drink a ton of water. I just eat a lot, really. However, lifting weights and being vegan really helps me with my weight. Everything gets burned of, pretty much. Usually, the more I consume, the more energy I have to lift heavier. So, I can't say eating has been a problem for me.


    If there's one habit I'll probably never break, it's that I eat very fast. Believe me, I chew my food, but it sometimes amazes me how quickly I get finished with a meal.

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