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  1. Thank you a million or fixing the code! I'll keep it in mind next time. Thanks for the compliment, too. If there's anything great that I got from my father, it's his broad shoulders and large ribcage.
  2. Me 4-5 years ago: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2321/2430404427_b733a2c2b3.jpg And these are from several weeks ago, been vegan for 8 months: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3055/2431218440_bec34aa876.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3076/2430404865_545e9c38ce.jpg
  3. I've been on this website quite a few times to get information on different topics, but I've never checked out the forums. When I first came upon this place, it was pretty amazing. Veganism and weight lifting had always come from two separate worlds for me. My father was a powerlifter in the 80s, and he came within several pounds of the world squat record at the time. He was tilting the scales at around 400 pounds, and was benching 640. He was on a 10,000-calorie diet at the time, and trained a handful of guys on the same regiment he was on. They all saw great results and traveled to powerlifting meets across the country. Unfortunately, this habit of overeating it something that's been hard to break for him, I suppose. In fact, overeating is something that's run ramped throughout his side of the family. Growing up with this influence, I also overate. At age 16, I was 5'10'' and 300 pounds with a 48'' waist band. I start watching what I was eating and walking every day. In a little over a year, I went all the way down to 174. When I hit this weight, I decided to start lifting weights. My father helped me greatly, but I assumed his way was the only way to do it because of his success. I was interested in vegetarianism at the time, but my upbringing led me to think I couldn't do it and be healthy. I eventually came into vegetarianism through a girlfriend of mine. She was the only vegetarian I had in my life who talked about it, and wasn't a preachy ideologist about it. Plus, it was interesting to see the diet in action and see that my father's negative ideas about the diet were unfounded. I was a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years before I just made a gradual shift into veganism. I'm not sure what caused it. Dairy products were making me uneasier, and this is probably because my Mother grew into lactose intolerance. Plus, eggs ceased to interest me. So, I've been vegan for 8 months now, and I'm loving every minute of it. Right now, I weigh 211 pounds, 6'2'' tall, and I have a 34'' waist. I'm very happy to be in shape, and I don't plan on losing it. I used to be in that situation, and it's behind me and in the dust. I take my weight lifting seriously--maybe not as serious as many of you here--but I'd like to start lifting heavier. Right now I'm benching 225 for several reps, and would like to get more into leg workouts. I have such large legs left over from being heavy, and I've been hesitant in doing leg presses and the like. Honestly, I do need to start taking in more protein also. It's an adventure, and I'm going to get to where I want to be one way or another, I feel. I'm also a radio host on an independent music show broadcast out of a NPR affiliate out of Hartford, CT, and I play several instruments. I'm most proficient at the bass, which I've been playing for about 8 years: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0fjXjPbxsu0 Thanks for reading !
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