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  1. Nonheme is not absorbed as well as heme iron. Vitamin C significantly helps in the absorption of nonheme iron. I don't remember the absorption percentages offhand but they should be easy to find online. How it knows to stop absorbing is something I don't know and again, that's just what Pete, who has always seemed very knowledgeable said on the subject. The difference between heme(animal) and non-heme(plant) iron is its oxidation state. Non-heme iron is Fe3+, heme is Fe2+. All of vitamin C's functions are related to its reducing capacity. In the case of iron absorbtion, vit. C reduces non-heme iron to the 2+ form, which is able to enter the small intestine for absorption through generic divalent metal transporters. (Nramp2, DC/MT1). Heme iron is absorbed at a rate of approximately 23%(of what is consumed) vs. non-heme which ranges from 3-8%. Non-heme is more drastically affected by what it is consumed with it. It's often bound to phytate, which prevents absorbrtion. Phytate is a significant hinderance to many minerals, and is found exclusively in plant sources. This is one of the reasons many nutrients are more easily absorbed from animal sources. (Please note, I'm not advocating animal consumption in anyway, just trying to provide some science. There are more than enough ways to overcome these issues.) This is helping me study for my finals
  2. Men do have higher iron levels than women, but unless you have hemochromatatosis, you probably don't need to worry.
  3. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but this post is confusing. B12 and vitamin A are completely different nutrients with different sources and functions... Anyway: Preformed (animal) vit A is not essetial in the diet. It is true that beta carotene is converted to active vit A (retinal, retinol, and retinoic acid) at an efficency rate of 1/6. However, beta carotene is abundant in foods, and most people who eat their vegetables will eat enough to meet their vitamin A needs. HOWEVER, vitamin A toxicity is entirely possible through supplementation. Off the top of my head, I believe the UL (upper level considered safe daily) for preformed vit A is 10,000 IU....some supplements contain this, and regular consumption can be dangerous. It is essentially impossible to OD on beta carotene. B12 is necessary for neural function. It's a component in the myelin sheaths that coat nerves, and allow for electrical impulse conduction. A deficiency will lead to neurological symptoms. However, it is needed only in incredibly small amounts, and the body is able to reuse it through enterohepatic circulation for many years. If you became vegan as an adult, it is highly unlikely you will ever need to supplement. Only those who are vegan from birth are at higher risk for deficiency, because they lack stores.
  4. If you're eating a balanced and varied diet of fruits and vegetables, you're fine. Exceptions: Vegans since birth should supplement B12. Others have sufficient body stores. Women should consider supplementing calcium. Anyone with any sort of malabsorbtive disorder should supplement. (Celiac disease, etc). The elderly should supplement. (Reduced absorbing capacity). In general: Supplements have a time and a place. However, most vitamins/minerals are difficult to impossible to OD on through food sourcs. This is not the case with supplements, and almost all cases of nutritional toxicites occur from misuse of supplements. Just because it's natural and essential does NOT mean it's safe in any quantity.
  5. I haven't read all the replies here, so forgive me if this is repetitive. And for credentials, I'm 2 more terms from my Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and Food Management, with my option in dietetics. Anyway, in brief, layman's terms, our bodies produce all the chemicals necessary to eat anything. (In general, there are exceptions such as lactose intolerance). Enzymes breakdown fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, and the nutrients we need are absorbed in our intestine and released into our blood or lymph systems. I think it is arguable that animal products were at one time a necessary part of the human diet. The fact of the matter is that vitamin B12 is essential, and it is only available in animal products. HOWEVER, it is the nutrient need in the SMALLEST amount in the body, and can be recylced for years. Most who go vegan as adults will never experience a B12 deficiency due to extensive stores built in youth. With today's technology in supplementation and fortification, animal products are no longer necessary, and the human digestive tract is equally operational without them.
  6. Thank you again everyone!!! To LL...yes, breastfeeding, absolutely. I'm a very firm believer in it; I understand there are situations in which formula is necessary, but I definitely believe in breastfeeding. To everyone else....I'm beat, I'll catch up on the rest of the thread/board later! We just got back from Cali about half an hour ago, and I can't wait to sleep!!!!
  7. Don't worry Topher, the dad isn't anyone I was seeing when you lived here It's my boyfriend, also named Robert coincidently enough. Met him shortly after you moved to Arizona, and we've actually been living together for about 4 months now. Still in school, I'll be done in June. Baby is due in May, so it'll be a little hectic right at the end there, but I'm confident I"ll get through. Plus, professors are usually pretty understanding about this kind if thing, especially in my field. From there the plan is to move up to Portland, because Robert is commuting back and forth from there for work right now, which is a pain (and expensive). Plus, both of our families are there. That's pretty much as far as we've planned at this point! There's definitely going to be some big changes coming up in life, but we're both excited. Haven't told my family yet, but his is thrilled
  8. Ah well, carry on then. The world needs more vegans, and I wouldn't want you to slow down the reproduction rate over semantics!
  9. Thanks everyone! We are very excited....scared sh*tless, but excited Even better, my non-vegan boyfriend has agreed to let our kid be vegan (though we've got at least 15 months or so before actually have to think about that ) When the time gets here though, I'll need lots of help from the vegan parents out there! Guess I should have gone to the vegan parenting discussion during Vegan Vacation afterall! Potter, despite that one night....I'm confident it's not yours...mostly confident, anyway. Robert....honorary uncle?
  10. I don't need one of those.....Now I'm scared to turn on my tv in case I accidently witness one of these manlieness enducing ads!
  11. Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent as of late...life has gotten just a wee bit crazy Why? Here's a hint: (Actually, not so much of a hint as a giveaway, huh? ) http://bd.lilypie.com/kPILm7/.png Yup!!!! It's true!!! More details later
  12. Congrats! I'm sure you're smarter and will be far better at your job than all the other people at Banker Connections...when I worked for WF they were morons!!!!
  13. You have absolutely gorgeous eyes. (....Not hitting on you, I'm just sayin' )
  14. Damn, how did I miss a thread hot enough to make Compash bail? That is sad
  15. I'm not I'm stuck in Corvallis until at least the weekend...and then I'll have to see what the car situation is, because mine has chosen to not run.
  16. The Tube has vegan happy hour specials?? Huh, guess I've never eaten there; I was unaware! It's a rather strange place....and rather aptly named. I'll have to check out the happy hour!
  17. Oooh, now that I've done that, I can see I'm still ahead of you, loveliberate
  18. I'm just posting because I'm too lazy too go look up my post count, so I figured I'd post here and see where I'm at
  19. You're out in my neck of the woods!!! I've had several friends living in San Remo over the years...went to school just up the road (Aloha then Southridge, also went to Mountain View, first job at Bales Thriftway....literally just up the road). I don't know why that's so entertaining to me, but I drive by your place every time I come home for a weekend!
  20. Humans/animals produce it naturally in the body; it can also be synthesized. The synthesized version is generally vegan.
  21. beer + party school + not living at home for the first time. That's why I partied my way through high school, so by the time I hit university I was a seasoned pro
  22. Ah-hah! Found it I remember reading this thread awhile back and thinking how delicious the picture looked....this salad is going on the menu tomorrow for my first ever vegan meal cooking for my boyfriend, on our first night together in our new apartment. It's going to be quite a change in eating habits for him!
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