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  1. October 22!!!! I'll be 22, you can figure out the year yourself And I want my card IN THE MAILBOX....ha, jk, you can put it on my desk
  2. I went on a camping/fishing trip last fall.... The fishing part I was uneasy with, but I liked the idea of being out on the boat all day....we were in the gorge, and were out on the water around 6am so we got to see the sunrise over the cliffs; it was absolutely beautiful. What I didn't know though, and this was just naivety on my part, was that we were going to keep the fish we caught. I'd never known anyone who does that; the only other fishing I'd ever witnessed was catch and release trout fishing with my grandpa when I was a kid. Like I said, I was uneasy with that part, but I try to be tolerant of other people, and I quite enjoy the folks I went with. Anyway, point being, they didn't release the fish, they clobbered it and it bled all over the boat, and yes, we have the requisite photos of holding the dead fish. I actually cried I was so mad.
  3. YOU orgainize your bedrom???
  4. I agree...as an alternative to the way animals are farmed and slaughtered now, it seems like a good alternative. Yet, I just can't imagine actually eating it! Science is amazing though huh? Guess time will tell if this goes anywhere.
  5. It's such a strange idea I'm not even sure how to react.....it's amazing that it's even possible, but still.....it's bizarre!
  6. Aw, I got another mention in this thread...I did meet Robert on Myspace, crazy huh? Here's mine, for anyone that's curious http://www.myspace.com/veggymeggy
  7. Cava you got right ....and the other is Queso. My cat's name isn't vegan Yet somehow it fits her...
  8. Yes, Razor is a dog. A pretty cute one too. ...sorry, you addressed that to Robert....but I happen to know the answer and I'm still up
  9. I mentioned this briefly on my introduction thread, but I thought I'd do so again here, in more detail.... I'm making the switch from vegetarian to vegan, and a close friend of mine is, for at least the month of Sept, going from your standard American omnivore to vegan. I'm not concerned for myself as far as "how" to make the switch, since I've not eaten meat in 10 years and consume few non-vegan products as it is - for me it's basically taking out yogurt, honey, and ice cream, all of which are easily replaced He however, has very little nutritional knowledge and no experience in vegetarianism beyond the time he spends with me. The goal date to officially start his vegan diet is Sept. 1, so that he has time to clear out his house and do some planning on what to eat. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make it easiest on him! He's in Portland and I'm in Corvallis so most of the time I won't be around to help him. Did anyone else here go "cold turkey"? What helped you? What do you reccommend that is easy to prepare for someone who works full time and isn't used to watching his diet? I'm trying to get him to also join the forum, we'll see if I succeed Thank you all for your input!
  10. Wow, I am so IN! I skimmed a lot of the posts since there are so many now - but anywhere tropical sounds absolutely awesome! What an exciting idea - Robert, I can' t believe you hadn't told me about this yet! I'll start saving right away - Now that I get such a good deal on rent it's an actual possibility! Hooray for Robert!
  11. That is me at a Halloween party; thank you! What's this about a vegan vacation?
  12. Awww, thanks Robert! I did read the "thin thin flat him" posts - I laughed! A lot! It's so nice to be welcomed by everyone here; what a great group! Like I said before, I am a vegetarian but I've never gone all the way to be being vegan - but I am challenging one of my friends who is a lifelong meat eater to give it a shot, so it looks like I'm finally gonna do it! He's in for the next 30 days, he promised to give veganism a shot, and I'm sure that if I do it for 30 days, I'll never go back. So here goes nothing!
  13. I was just wondering if you consider wine to be a vegan product? I know there are some animal derived products that are used in the production of some, but not all, wines. I've also read that these are not present in the finished wine, though I don't know if that makes a difference. Is there a general opinion on this?
  14. I haven't noticed Robert having any odor thus far.... I really don't have any dirt either! His day really does consist of going to work and going to the gym. Unfortunately we don't have memberships to the same gym so we can't go together! I was disappointed to find out that he, as a vegan passionate about fitness and therefore by default nutrition, didn't know what quinoa is! I showed him and promised to make him some since it is fabulous. His room is messier than mine But he is nice to my cats, which is much better than my last roommate, so I'm happy. Oh, and my 2 friends that have met him so far like him.
  15. Hi everyone! My name is Megan, and I just moved in with Robert. (as in Robert that runs this website ) He encouraged me to post and introduce myself. I am 21 years old, and living in Corvallis, OR while attending Oregon State University. My major is Nutrition and my minor is exercise physiology. I'll be finishing up my undergrad work in 5 more terms, then start grad school, again in Nutrition. Once I get through all that, I plan to be a registered dietician. I am vegetarian - almost, but not quite vegan! Maybe Robert will be a good influence and get me the rest of the way. Not sure what else to say - obviously, health, diet, and fitness are passions of mine also. I used to be at the gym twice a day, but now that I'm back in school full time it's dwindled to more like twice a week- which is unfortunate, and I hope to get back in a regular routine eventually. If you have any questions about Robert and what he's like in person, or anything else, feel free to ask! Nice to meet you all! -Megan
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