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  1. Nasty, are you kidding? Dude that pic is effin hot.
  2. Mt. Tabor! <---imagine that as jealous face not shock face Seriously one of my favorite places in Portland. Love going on picnics up there, hiking around.....the reservoirs are so awesome. *sigh* I miss Portland, I haven't been home in 3 weeks....I think that's a record!!!!
  3. Are you the young lady that applies the tan on Robert? I am Good catch, I'm there for about a half second!
  4. Hehehe, this could be my SECOND movie...I do have a cameo in Vegan Fitness, Built Naturally after all
  5. Welcome! I spent a month in Mexico when I was in high school...I actually started college as a Spanish major. I ate lots of nopales when I was down there....pretty good! Didn't like pulque so much though. Lots and lots of other good food though...I actually lived with a vegetarian family when I was there! They were the only vegetarians I met during the whole time I was there! I'd give anything to have them cooking for me again, I ate REALLY well down there. Anways - welcome again
  6. I'm moving to a big hill next week! I'm excited, it's exactly 2.2 miles from campus, so it'll be a nice short bike ride, give me 4.4 miles of exercise everyday guaranteed The way home will be all up hill, I can feel the burn already . Plus, the whole area is great for walking, lots of trails, all hilly, so I'm really hoping to get the boy out there and get some work done! These legs need it!!!
  7. Is that real???? Kinda scared just looking at it!
  8. That is the cutest emoticon ever!!! Awww I feel all mushy inside now!
  9. Think you're out of luck VP, I don't think Dave eats fruits or vegetables at all, unless he's done a 180 since the last time I saw him! Actually that's not entirely true, I have seen him order vegan meals from time to time....but unless something has drastically changed, I'm pretty sure it'd be no contest for you on that one!
  10. K-Oz, don't fret, your paper is better written than a lot of things I've seen from American univerisity students!
  11. Oooh tattoos, I'm always down for new ink!
  12. I'm so excited Most of you know Robert is moving to Portland, and since I'm his current roommate, that means I'm moving too! After WAAAAY more work than I thought it would be, my boyfriend and I have finally found the PERFECT one bedroom apartment...it's incredibly expensive, but I think it shall be well worth it. I'm giddy ....and now getting to the point! So, the new apartment has a really big, full sun balcony. And today, I went out and bought my first ever tomato plant!!!! I'm thrilled! I got a roma cuz I love roma tomatoes, and I put it in a big ole pot today, and now I just have to not kill it in the next 9 days until we get to move in. I can't wait till I have fresh, homegrown tomatoes!!!! Next I'm going to get some smaller pots and grow some basil. MMMMM, sliced tomatoes with whole basil leaves, drizzled in balsamic vinegar... Tomatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mangos are my absolute all time favorite fruit. Papayas, on the other hand, I don't even like to be in the same room with them! Yes, they're all generally very mild in flavor. My particular hateful feelings stem from a rather unpleasant 3 days in Mexico that began almost immediately following ingestion of fresh papaya. Now just the smell makes me want to start vomiting all over again....
  14. Wow, the pictures on their website make the restaurant look waaaay bigger than it actually is! That would be pretty awesome to have a gathering there though, as I believe I've already said elsewhere, I <3 Veganopolis. SOOOOO yummy!
  15. I find the word offensive but was not exposed to it in this context over and over again, such as endcruelty was most likely exposed to it. I was brought up with the meaning that it was a derogatory word for a lesbian woman. Keeping in mind that endcruelty is pretty young, would be most likely why he doesn't make the same connection most of us do. I'm young too (22), and though it made it into urban dictionary as being defined separate from sexuality, in my experiences with people in my demographic, everyone 'knows' what a dyke is. It's nice of you to give the benefit of the doubt, but I have to disagree that it's an age/social group thing. We all know the meaning of dyke, even us young ones
  16. I've just recovered from that state...I spent my whole afternoon with pina coladas Moving and packing is a nightmare, and the mess and disorganization is driving me nuts....so the boyfriend and I were getting frustrated with it and finally said "F*ck it, let's just get boozed up and then deal with it".....so we did. And made much more progress
  17. Hahaha, I'll see you tonight then! My Robert and I will be down there tonight....this is the coolest thing OSU does all year. Hippies come from miles around and mingle with the college students to dance to reggae and smoke the ganja...just a warning That's actually where we were last night too, it was Battle of the Bands and it was absolutely awesome. So yeah, see ya at school tonight! I'm gonna be rockin out!
  18. Who is that in the first photo? Where was this held? (I realize in Portland, but I'm a local remember, I'm curious as to what your precise location is )
  19. I'm the sure the guy realizes the value in cardio exercise....I'm really quite certain the signature is a joke, especially given the goofy muscled out pic it's placed under. Makes me think of Arnold Schwarzenegger making a girly man joke. Somewhat crude I can agree with, but I really just can't see the offensiveness in it.
  20. What about Peace Corps? It's two years, and they pay you a stipend for living expenses. I was looking into joining it after college.
  21. I just had another thought. I DO find the c-nt word offensive. It seems far more vulgar and rude. So maybe it's vulgarity that actually offends me? But no, probably not, because I've been known to curse like a sailor...just not use the c-nt word. (Except in the case of one particularly heinous boss who I knew would be one the moment I met her and I was dead-on). Ok, enough with the personal musing. Carry on all
  22. I jumped in on the dyke post, because I thought it was an offensive missuse of the word and I really didn't like seeing it used....but this topic brings up an interesting realization for me. "Pussy" doesn't offend me in the least. Not one tiny bit...and I think the signature is funny. (I'm a straight female btw...though I hope the female part is obvious from my pic ) Anyway, I suppose I don't have anything significant to add...just kind of musing to myself over the word. I've thoroughly reconsidered it and....nope, I still just don't see pussy as offensive. Maybe it's because I've actively witnessed discrimination and hatred towards people of various sexual persuasions, but as a female I've never experienced discrimination based on my sex. That's my best guess explanation anyway.
  23. Why only "probably"? Because I'm a commitment-phobe Is that why you won't marry me? Yes
  24. I don't have time to actually sit and watch news, but I check CNN.com several times a day. Local news, I check the online site for the Oregonian newspaper. I do try to catch the Daily Show for entertainment though...oh how I love Jon Stewart
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