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  1. Well, a BCAA supplement on it's own is definitely not a "naturally occuring" product. BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are found in foods with protein. BCAA supps can be helpful for someone interested in preserving/gaining muscle mass.
  2. Update: STS BCAA's ARE vegan. Nice. www.sts-sports.com
  3. Update on Optimum Nutrition BCAA's. They ARE NOT vegan. Slim pickings.....
  4. Update on NOW Brand BCAA's: They ARE NOT vegan. Bummer.
  5. Another update... BCAA's from MRM-USA ARE vegan! www.mrm-usa.com
  6. Update: Betancourt BCAA Chewies ARE NOT vegan. The leucine is derived from duck feathers.
  7. Dude - I'm going. I can't wait. Maybe I'll see you around?
  8. Nu-World puts out some Amaranth cereals that have a good amount of protein. Anyone try them? See here: http://www.nuworldamaranth.com/cart/products.asp?grouping_id=2
  9. Yeah - you have to check with the company to see if its vegan. Some are derived from dairy. These brands have a vegan BCAA product: Scivation Xtend NOW Arizona Nutritionals (Blox) Optimum Nutrition
  10. Hey Troy, Do you ever incorporate dynamic warm-ups? They can help to prevent injuries. Just a thought...
  11. We just posted a good article on soy here: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/members/showthread.php?t=10896
  12. We just posted an article on fructose, it may help: http://www.t-nation.com/article/diet_and_nutrition/fructose_wars&cr=dietAndNutrition
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