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  1. What the heck are these things and are they really necessary? Sound like a highly manufactured, man made product to me.


    Well, a BCAA supplement on it's own is definitely not a "naturally occuring" product. BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are found in foods with protein.


    BCAA supps can be helpful for someone interested in preserving/gaining muscle mass.

  2. I quickly scanned your log, and it looks like you've been doing the same basic leg exercises and "high-rep" range (more or less) since you started this log. It might be time to change some aspect of your routine.


    You are absolutely right. I'm changing gyms in May and will have access to a Hack Squat and regular squat rack. Right now I'm a victim of my gym and it has really nothing to offer as far as weight and exercises in the leg department. But I'm gonna try and change up the routine a little, maybe move to one leg presses, that way I can take some more weight with less reps.


    Don't forget about barbell hack squats, bulgarian split squats, overhead lunges......



    ahhhh, legs.

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