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  1. I have been training in the AM for several years. It is the only time I can really count on being open! If I am doing weights (3-4 days/wk) I will have a couple pieces of dried fruit and a 1/2 scoop of Vega or rice protein. I cannot eat too much since I wake at 4:45am and leave for the gym at 5:25am. Then I have a larger feeding after. Works well for me! Good luck
  2. Somewhat - it depends on what you consider expensive
  3. The Thrive Diet is a new book that has a bunch of good high protein recipes and ideas that exclude soy.
  4. The Thrive Diet is a new book that has a bunch of good high protein recipes and ideas that exclude soy.
  5. I think he has some solid advice. You can't argue with his track record. He has helped some of the best in the sport
  6. Robert I went to Roots Market today in Clarksville MD and found a HUGE Vega display! They have never even had it in stock. I was pumped. I bought 3 bars and a container of Chocolate. There was a big group looking at the Vega. I put in a good word.
  7. Search PubMed.com for studies about vegans.
  8. Awesome updates. I can't wait to see how training and diet go for you. Keep the info coming.
  9. Nice! Keep us posted on your progress. Take pics!
  10. I went on Sunday! Awesome cause - great event.
  11. Check this out! Sign the petition if you agree. Good PSA http://getactive.peta.org/campaign/p2caseyaffleck?c=peta2_enews
  12. Thanks for Vega Smoothie Infusion - I am getting some! I do eat a fair amount of spinach and broccoli every day. I eat spinach like potato chips.
  13. BBing always transcends to other areas of life. When my workouts and nutrition are going well - so is my job, relationships, etc.
  14. Awesome! I love reading this stuff. Keep up the good work.
  15. Gosh - there are so many right now. Phil Heath, Toney Freeman, David Henry, Victor Martinez, Dexter Jackson - and you cannot forget Jay Cutler. I can't wait for the Olympia! I think I am gonna get tix to the NY PRO in May. Anyone wanna go with me?
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