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  1. Was Chick nice? He has a great personality for the BB radio show. I think he is great for the sport. How was CA?
  2. Looks like Dexter Jackson won the Australian Pro. I didn't see Toney Freeman in the top 10! He must have withdrawn.
  3. Robert Who is this guy that works for Vega? Let us know when you meet him. Maybe you can feature a training/nutrition article about him.
  4. Pro BB'ing is my fave sport. Thanks for starting the thread. I am gonna try to see the NY Pro in May. I went last year and watching Phil Heath left me speechless. The Australian Pro is this weekend. I think Toney Freeman will win.
  5. Let me know if you go to the Arnold next year - we can meet up! I would love to go again. I personally thought Toney Freeman was going to win. I watched the pre judge and finals. Victor and Dexter were both amazing - I had them 2 and 3. Then Phil at 4. I love BB'ing! Watching the Arnold webcast was awesome.
  6. I love those big guys. Great pics. Arnold Classic is tomorrow! Go Phil Heath!
  7. Geez...I sense low motivation. Let's go people. Give veganism a good name.
  8. www.bodybuilding.com More specifically - http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw53.htm
  9. Doing awesome! I started at 12% and I am about 8% now (via 7 site skinfold). Started on 12/26/06. Initial weight was 179 lbs and I am now 175 lbs. So with the body fat decrease, I have put on a little muscle as well. Strength is up. Energy is great. Latest pic (2/23/07) is to the left (my avatar pic).
  10. I like rice protein and hemp protein. Pea is alright. Don't like soy - I get enough from my food. Anyone having trouble finding a protein powder needs to use Vega or Vega Infusion. Seriously. That stuff tastes and mixes awesome! Plus it is like a nutrition gold mine. I am just telling you from experience. I have no financial ties to Vega!
  11. One of my favorite ab articles... http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=267ab2
  12. Now that is some meal prep I can handle! Nice!
  13. Anyone tried the new Vega product? Where can you purchase it?
  14. I mainly recommend front squats. Seem to work better for most people. Check this out for tips/help: http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=06-157-training Tip #1 should be useful.
  15. Training is going good so far this year! I did get some Vega for x-mas....maybe that is the key?!
  16. I sent in my pics and goals. Make sure and let me know if they came through alright! Thanks.
  17. Thanks for posting. Arnold will be in my thoughts over the next several weeks!
  18. I would actually stick with creatine monohydrate (micronized). Also, don't do a loading dose. Just do 2-3 g before and/or after workouts. Good luck
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