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  1. Yeah, eating cereal is like eating nothing. The only "cereal" I eat regularly is oatmeal. That fills me up quick.
  2. Are you warming up your shoulders properly before workouts? Check out: http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=06-074-training There is a part II and III to that article as well. Good luck
  3. So being fat and unhealthy is manly? Let's have a push up contest or a posedown and we will see who is more manly. Good post Rob....I can't stand BK advertising.
  4. I love this site. Good insight from everyone.
  5. Everyone has made good points. I think they can both be used with success. Cycle your training.
  6. Swimming will probably not add a lot of muscle mass, but it is great cardio activity.
  7. It has nothing to do with veganism. Have him focus on regular weight training and conditioning (about 50/50 split). Also, remind him that MANY YEARS of being overweight and having poor lifestyle habits takes MANY YEARS to reverse. Consistency is key.
  8. Train hard and be consistent Eat a lot of quality food
  9. Don't lump all of us dietitians in the same category!! Some of us know what is going on..... I understand your frustration.
  10. Agreed. I work at a weight management center and have noticed this in many patients as well. Thus, you may want to stick to the oats.
  11. There is a compound in cocoa called theobromine. It is a methylxanthine. Same class that caffeine is in. They are vasodilators. I can always see the veins in my forearms pop out after eating a lot of dark chocolate.
  12. Unfortunately I agree with Kathryn
  13. What are you doing in MD? Let me know what gym you train at while you are visiting.....there are a few good ones.
  14. those are killer. You made it look easy!
  15. Livers produce cholesterol. So yes, if the food came from something of animal origin it will probably have cholesterol.
  16. I agree with the judges decision. I watched the predjudging and finals webcast. I had Victor Martinez 1st, Jay Cutler 2nd, Ronnie Coleman 3rd after watching pre-judging. Good stuff. I love bodybuilding. Go Jay! I think he will represent the sport well.
  17. Handful of ice Choc Almond Milk 1 heaping T of hemp protein choc 1 heaping T of rice protein choc 1 large spoonful of natty peanut butter Combine all in blender, blend well Pour into small dish, put in freezer for 5-10 minutes Good stuff
  18. Awesome....good luck with everything. It is always a great feeling to be at weigh-in's knowing that you gave 100% during contest prep. Give us a run-down on where you are with training and diet. I would love to hear what you are doing (and have done). Stay strong!
  19. Make sure post-workout nutrtion is solid.....lots of calories.
  20. pelicanandrew The "whole foods sale" comment was hilarious. I know exactly what you mean....
  21. Rob I did one of your "ab-athons" this morning after my quad workout....dang....good stuff. I haven't done that much direct ab work for awhile. Thanks for posting your workouts.
  22. I think it can be good and bad. It seems to make some exercises really awkward. However, having the peace of mind that if you fail on a heavy lift, you will not be crushed is kind of nice.
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