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  1. Here's the thing: I know NOTHING about working out. Is there anything someone can suggest to read? A website, or a book or something? Right now I'm just doing cardio and I'm going to add weight training. (For weight loss.) I really need to find out what is best, when the best times to eat before/after are, what kinds of things I should be eating to maximize my energy etc. I also need help figuring out weight training. A friend gave me a crash course about a year and a half ago but I've forgotten it all... resting on certain days and varying the muscle groups you use. So if anyone has some recommendations on something to check out I'd appreciate it. (Maybe even point out some old threads here?) Thanks!
  2. I would be in for a challenge if anyone else is up for it. Im still contemplating jumping in on the 07 Challenge, but I'd already be a month behind.
  3. I lived all over, but spent most of my time in Norwich and Middletown. I worked at Mohegan Sun for like 3 and something years. I also lived in Windham, Plainfield, and New Britain. Unfortunate on all of those last three. Middletown was my favorite, I stayed the longest there and love Main St! Not to mention thats where It's Only Natural is! And China Pan (Vegan Chinese Yum!) is just up the road in Farmington. I wish I hadn't left but *shrug* I'm here now, might as well make the most of it! (Like hittin the gym Cause theres not much else!) *Edit: And darn you! I keep singing the TMNT theme song!
  4. Exactly! I tried to do weight watchers. (Jenz was kind enough to send me some weight watchers stuff) I like the idea, but you have to obsess over it! I can't do that. Plus I put so many ingredients into stuff that it took me forever to figure up the points! I like to just eat less and healthier and if I'm doing something wrong the scale will tell me so!
  5. Whyyy, yes I have! veganmadre: I never would have known, you look incredible! Well, now you're an inspiration to me. <3 Thanks!
  6. Bumping this thread up! I'm trying to lose weight too. I went to the gym today for the first time in years and I feel like a train hit me! My ultimate goal is to lose about 110lbs. Well, actually my ultimate goal is to look hot and be healthy But the weight goal is a start. Right now I'm a little overwhelmed by going to the gym and figuring out all the best way to burn calories. I know I need cardio, and also some weight training to build muscle to burn fat buttt... I guess I need to do some studying! HoHumm *sigh* ... if anyone has suggestions let me know.
  7. My friend got me a Diva cup over a year ago for my birthday. I tried it a couple months in a row but never had success with it. Honestly, I forgot about the fact that I had it until I moved a couple months ago. Im starting my period now, I think I'll try it this time. I just remember being so frustrated at not being able to get it inserted properly. I really love the idea of it though. Like everyone said, eco-friendly and you don't have to worry about carrying extra stuff with you.
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I've been poking around the forums taking a look. Does there happen to be a particular area for weight loss? I didn't see anything, but I wouldn't put missing something past me!
  9. Gymmie!! Good to see you're here. I was thinking of participating in the contest, but 1) I'm already a month late! 2) I'm terrified of taking before photos! hah! Good luck!
  10. Hi Everyone! My name is Kelly, I'm 28 and from Bakersfield, CA. I actually signed up for the forums sometime last year to get some support in my new found love of getting in shape! Well.. that new love lasted about a week. But thanks to some friends mentioning this forum, I'm back. I'm not into building (yet!), but I do hope to be getting into shape. I'm currently overweight (alot) and looking to slim down, and then look into building up some fabulous muscles! I had my first trip to my new gym today and had a half hour intro session with a trainer and I'll be seeing her again soon, so I'm pretty excited! I'm also going to blog my way through my weight loss, so I'll post the link once I get it up and going. Although it probably wont be too exciting I've been vegan since November of 2005. I did it for ethics, but the health benefits aren't too bad either! I moved from Connecticut to Bakersfield late last year and it's proving to be a little rougher here on vegans. No veg restaurants and only a couple of places to shop, but I'll get by! Just means more cooking myself healthy meals at home, which is good. It also makes it that much more exciting when I make it up to PDX! I've been twice in the past few months and it's my second home! I hope to move up there pretty soon, but it might be as long as a year from now. Either way I'm totally looking forward to that. Portland is so amazing and I have so many great friends there. I have a myspace page if you'd like to check it out. It's pretty calm compared to my personality I guess that's enough of me for now! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! <3
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