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  1. Oh don't worry man, may family is pretty used to me making last minute changes all te time! Hopefully I can make it! Glad you found a place to stay as well!
  2. I bought Fable 2. It is the best. I'm going to play through it at least twice if not like 4-8 times. So many choices. Great gameplay, not too hard, easy controls for the most part. Imagine if Diablo and The Sims had a freakishly awesome baby together. You can get married, have a family, buy a house, buy stores and other houses. Raise or lower the prices of things depending on if you want to be good or evil. So good.
  3. I'll be at Critical Mass on Halloween so I'm going to do something artsy and crazy. I was thinking about doing something pretentious and dress up like an album title or something.
  4. If you're a student I believe the dues are free. Everything has operating costs. And they're not solely an anarchist group. They are FAR FAR FAR left, but not exclusively anarchist. The dues really only seem to be mandatory if you're full on active in the group and go to General Assembly meetings. I'll let you guys know more info after I go to the meeting. Being forced to join a union is maybe the shittiest deal ever. IE Jewel. You get paid minimum wage, have to join a Union to work there, and then you have to pay union dues, effectively making you earn less than minimum wage just because a Union has a contract with the store. There's a bunch of shit like this that's keeping me from joining the IBEW Local 134 in Chicago. I could make about 6 times as much money as I do now, but I'd have to deal with a ton of bullshit. The IWW is a way for me to get together with other workers and help people out who make far less than I do. And it will teach me skills to organize my workplace if need be. I could go on and on about Unions, but I worked 8.5 hours of OT today and missed the Food Not Bombs serve because of it, so I'm gonna be emo and play Fable 2 all night. Huzzah!
  5. If you can't find a place to stay I live by the train. My parents would be cool with it. Too bad I don't have my own apartment yet. It's about a 50-60 minute train ride into downtown, but only for about 5 bucks, and it's the Metra so it's a LOT nicer than the El(although I love the El too). You can very easily get to the McCormick place from there (by bus). http://www.transitchicago.com/ Check that out for info on bus and train service so you don't get stuck at the end of the line late at night when service ends on some of the bus lines. They should have maps and things at the place you're staying. Chicago is pretty easy to navigate thanks to our awesome grid system. Just PM me today if you haven't found anything out. I have to go to work in a few or I'd do some quick research. I can do this later when I get home. If you do need a place to stay this will give me an excuse to clean stuff up. We should at least go grab something to eat if you have any free time! Isn't there one more forum member who recently moved to the Chicago area? Not sure if she posts anymore and I can't remember her SN. Chicago meetup! Crap I really need to down a protein shake and go to work. Good luck and just PM me if you can't find anything and you can crash at my place!
  6. Yeah it took them like a month for them to email me back. Just go to a serve if you know where they are.
  7. I was. You can still join if you're in college apparently. The only way you can't join is if you're an employer. As long as you agree with the preamble (which believe me I do) you can join. I know it even says on their website that students are welcome and they're actually encouraging that. But right now I'm taking a break and working as a low voltage electrician so I felt it necessary to join and help out my fellow working class people. I really do believe in solidarity.
  8. Anybody else volunteer for this? I'm volunteering for the first time this Saturday, probably at clean up if I work OT on Saturday. http://www.foodnotbombs.net/
  9. http://www.iww.org/ I'm going to the Chicago GMB meeting in about 2 weeks! I'm very excited.
  10. I want to say probably between 40 and 60. That's a rough guess. It's kinda hard not to get a ton of fiber eating a plant based diet, especially if you're like me and trying to cut out processed stuff and eating whole.
  11. Trickle down economics don't work either. If you're going to vote for someone based on their taxation scheme, you're just going to get bamboozled. Everyone is going to get fucked thanks to the last 8 years of insane deregulations and transfer of debt from private to public, corporate welfare etc etc. Really the best thing we can do is have a little solidarity (is there such thing as a LITTLE solidarity?) and give it back to the assholes who got us here. I'm not opposed to guillotines. If I were voting, which I am, I'd vote based on who I think will run the country better. Who is going to get us out of Iraq (another huge financial sinkhole that will benefit only the super-rich and corporations) the fastest and who is pro-choice, pro-gay and not going to die in two years leaving the country to be run by an insane tongue speaking woman who doesn't even know the current policies of our government and thinks she has foreign policy experience from looking at Russia across the pacific ocean. If I could put Ralph Nader in Office, or shit even Bob Barr i would tomorrow. Maybe we'll get a 3rd party in there one of these days to change shit up.
  12. I 2nd the plant source Glucosamine. Also, ginger. Adding it to shakes is great. Or just eating dishes with ginger. I really need to do this plus glucosamine. My new job plus lifting is freaking killing me.
  13. Naruto is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. For ninjas though, you gotta watch Ninja Scroll.
  14. Usually time will fade them. At least it has for me. But yeah there's really no creams or anything for it. Just get some wicked tattoos over the light ones like I'm gonna do.
  15. This thread reminds me that I really need to get ahold of Tim Biedron. He did my first and only tattoo so far. I should be getting a half sleeve done by him by spring time hopefully. I'm happy because I get to see Fucked Up next week. And I'm moving out into my own apartment in the city. I'm also going to be negotiating a new raise and doing alarm work. Our shop now has an alarm license. Yayyy!!
  16. Those are all pretty awesome. I might have to get that No Whey one!
  17. VE, you ever listen to Othello And Hipknotiks? Right now I'm listening to Pelican "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw" I get to see them next month!!! Yayyy!!!
  18. I 2nd that man. You're a really great public speaker. Only a few umms when you were starting off, and then you're like a machine gun of information. Also, your voice sounds really really really familiar.
  19. weather or not they want to donate, eh friend? Hahah well I don't know about that. I'm not too violent. Now Nazis, I'd take a pint or 8 from.
  20. Berserk. You really don't need to watch anything else. It's so fucked up and dark. So gory. So awesome. The Manga is great too. But there is other great stuff. Cowboy Bebop. Deathnote. Gilgamesh. Trigun. Spirited Away. Princess Mononoke. Howl's Moving Castle. Akira. Steamboy. Anything Gundam. Evangelion(be prepared to need an antidepressant prescription afterwards). Gunslinger Girl. Samurai 7. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now.
  21. Killdozer- The Pig Was Cool single I'm on the B-side. Stoner Rock cover of Unbelievable. At high volume. Fuck yes.
  22. If I need blood I'm taking it from ANYONE and EVERYONE! Shit I'll even take Republican blood.
  23. Yeah but Jesus was kind of a clothing nazi. "Only wear sandals", etc. True, he was crazy. This may be my favorite forum banter ever in the history of the internet.
  24. For sandwhiches? You could find some clean cloth to wrap stuff in. If you need something to put like snacks in, maybe find some cute little containers to use. Either buy reusable ones like tupperware or something or find something at a thrift or goodwill store!
  25. Listening to Killdozer's "For Ladies Only" LP. I might pee my pants laughing. Nothing like stoner rock covers of classic rock songs.
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