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  1. Well, it depends. But I usually just take my jeans off and hop into bed. Now if I'm already naked for some reason i stay naked.
  2. So I'm bored and have been nerding about astrology lately, so post your sign. Ares.
  3. hilarious There is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a tight shirt. Makes me feel like an anaconda is crushing me.
  4. Well I played through the first time as a male vanguard(paragon) and now I'm doing a male Infiltrator (renegade) I plan on doing a female Adept next time, probably do a mix of paragon and renegade. Totally huge replay value. I'm doing things the second time through that I never even knew about the first time I played!
  5. The only "tight" fitting things legwise are my Dickies. I love my big legs and I also really liked that article. I'm getting motivated to start lifting again and doing it right! I also highly advise against going balls-to-the-wall (or ovaries-to-the-wall for the ladies) every session. You will hurt yourself, guaranteed. p.s. Deadlifts still piss me off but they make me feel great when I accomplish them.
  6. Yeah my mom read that book and said it was really good.
  7. This is my new video game obsession right now. It's amazing and is an absolutely huge game with well over 20 hours if not more of game play in it(still haven't beat it). Great story line and really cool cinematic feel to the whole game. It has beat out Bioshock for my pick of game of the year. Any fans of what Bioware has done in the past or fans of Deus Ex and other RPGs should check this out. It has the whole "chose your own path" thing to it but with so many different outcomes(i wont post any spoilers, you gotta just check it out). I'll probably be playing it later tonight after I take care of business around my apartment!
  8. Old Time Relijun- The Book Of Life And Crime really weird experimental stuff.
  9. I'll have to run this by my parents when I'm home for winter break. I'm thinking this will be my summer get away this summer. Last summer was Austin, this summer shall be Portland!!! I'll be sure to let you all know when I'm for sure coming!!!
  10. I believe you are correct in your math. And theoretically and logically speaking .9 repeating is 3 3rds. My math teacher showed this to me my freshman year of high school. I am not huge fan of math but I'm OK at it.
  11. Zappos.com has these for cheap, free shipping to your house and if you don't like them send em back! They also say if a shoe is vegan or not on their website. Thanks for the list!!! I love my New Balance shoes.
  12. We are on the lookout for an aluminum poll. (aluminium for the brits)
  13. Workshop- Sieh Mal An Weird sort of technoish dancecore stuff, not lame like The Killers. I'm really not sure about the history of this band at all but I really like some of their songs. Others get a little bit too electronic and weird even for me.
  14. My apartment is Celebrating Festivus and Winter Solstice. I personally really don't like xmas and probably won't end up actually getting a lot of gifts because I'm going to be asking for obscure records and microphones/tape machines/computer recording interfaces for the most part. But if I get money from my relatives who feel the need to give me something so be it. I'll spend it at some local record stores and businesses. I do want to buy Mass Effect. That will be my one consumerist whore thing I do.
  15. If only veganessentials sold recording equipment....
  16. HAH! That's basically all I could think of doing, but if I remember correctly I busied myself with something slightly more important than mixing bananas and veganaise.
  17. Well if there's one thing competitive marching taught me it's to not care about what the judges put down but what your peers and fans and family say. We were damn good and occasionally wouldn't even make finals in "certain" competitions. Seems like it's the same way in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. I think the one who said you had too much bf may have been high.
  18. Rocket From The Tombs- Foggy Notion hooray for proto-punk.
  19. Television- Elevation Probably one of the most underrated bands of all time.
  20. Yeah I noticed the vocals seemed to pop out above the rest of the stuff, probably cause of the compression. You guys sound really together though, not tempo screw ups or anything major. You should put together an EP if you find someone who has a nice recording set up in your area. I have no idea what the recording scene is like in UK at all or I'd give you some suggestions of places to check out.
  21. Bob Marley And The Wailers- Simmer Down Back when they were ska.
  22. Pretty damn good for a demo. If you happen to be in Decatur next year I'll record you in my soon to be built basement studio! What did you guys record on?
  23. Sad to see you go Big but understandable. If and when I try raw again I'll be sure to hit up your website for some advice. You really are a fantastic inspiration to any vegan, raw or not, so keep kickin ass and trainin!
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