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  1. Also stop being a fucking troll to the Europeans on this board.

    Oh yeah, by the way while the subject of troll is still fresh in my mind. Could you give me the link to your workout log @ Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.com?


    I keep one on my computer, not on here. I don't feel the need to stroke my ego on the internet. Some people do, and that's not a bad thing, just not my cup of tea.


    I'll gladly send you all the info on my workouts if you really want. I'm sure you were trying to make a point or something.


    1. My mother did teach me to talk like that. Terrifying when younger people don't have respect for their elders unless their elders earn that respect isn't it?


    2. I'm not going to argue with you any further. My point has been made and then supported by your constant immature cynical posts. Good day.

  2. Like I said short term memory, how soon Europe forgot about the threat of the USSR. Or maybe it's just ungreatfulness, instead of memory loss. Still think it's an ego thing.


    Reagan did absolutely nothing to defeat the USSR. Read a book. And don't even try and bring up the increase in spending. All that did was widen the gap between rich and poor in America. Trickle down economics don't work. The people took back Europe, not America.


    Also stop being a fucking troll to the Europeans on this board. People like you make it hard for me to try and come across as a nice person to Europeans. Until they find out I'm a crazy non-homophobic anti-misogynistic feminist environmentalist social libertarian/syndicated anarchist vegan who wants to get out of the country he was born in. Then they tend to like me. When i go to Europe I think I'll just pretend to be Canadian. It's what my friend did. He made fun of Americans with all of the Europeans. Sounds like a blast to me.

  3. Hey does anybody know of any good vegan work boots? I stand on ladders all day long and it's starting to really fuck with my feet. I need some good boots. Maybe I'll find some size 13s at Goodwill but I doubt that.




    I can not vouch for these (because I've never worn them) but something to check out anyway, seems like the largest size is a 12 though



    Is that 12UK maybe? God I wish. That's like exactly what I'm looking for too. Curse my big feet!!!!!


    The cheapest shoes on VE are unfortunately like 160 bucks. My most expensive shoes are my Adbuster V2s and those are just over 100, and I didn't even buy them myself. I'm being Cheapy McCheapington.

  4. Smashing Pumpkins 1997....oh wait....I saw Panic at the Disco last year because Tonya Kay was performing with them. Ten years between my concert visits. Maybe my next one will be ten years from now when Britney Spear's kids have a pre-teen boy band.


    It's ok guys. I'm going to 4 in a row starting on Sunday with Riot Fest! I'll make up for your lack of concert attendance!

  5. hey DV said I'm like the Sarah Palin of Canada, lol. Don't know exactly what she meant by that, I'm not even a politician, and surely not a woman. ahah, I don't know much about her, she's probably an asshole, but I find she has a funny name, Sarah Palin...


    Oh you should read up on her because the whole world is fucked if she becomes VP. McCain is about to croak, which means if that happens, she could be president.


    But it won't.

  6. Killdozer- Her Mother's Sorrow


    I got the single off of ebay. Hooray!


    I unfortunately missed them play in Madison, WI last month because I was busy dealing with my now ex-girlfriend. Oh well. I think they're touring around for a little bit more. Mabe I'll get to see them.

  7. Last game I played was Too Human. Almost bought it, but I'm trying to steer clear of TV and Video Games for now. Renting every now and then is ok but I'm saving my moneys.


    It was a damn good game too. Lots of fun, Norse mythology, and good old fashion dungeon crawling, but with robots and lasers and tanks and guns and "Gods". Fucking awesome. Great storyline too, and it's going to be a trilogy of games.


    I can't wait till Fallout 3 comes out. That should rock from what I've seen.

  8. I'm trying to think of what I've watched since I last posted here. I watched No Country For Old Men. Talk about heavy. It was still pretty amazing. I also watched the Stargate: Ark Of Truth made for TV movie. I love Stargate no matter what so that rocked. I also watched part of the Ghost In The Shell: SAC movie, but my DVR crapped out on me.


    I really want to watch The Counterfitters (Die Falscher) and In Bruges.


    I also want to watch Close, and Dancer In The Dark, but I need a cute artsy indie chick who may or may not have tattoos and hopefully is veg*n to do that. Don't ask why, I just do.


    I think I'm going to watch We Jam Econo. Doc on The Minutemen. I hear it kicks ass, and that's coming from a guy I work with who I'm pretty sure has seen them live. Sunuvabitch saw Bad Brains live, back in the day. Grrrrrr.

  9. Half way through a Music Business degree. I realized that I hated the school/town/most of the people there so I jumped ship.


    I have been doing low voltage type work since I was six and that's what I'm doing now. I'm certified to take out government postal locks which normally gets you 8 years in federal prison. I just had to piss in a cup, get a background check and have my fingerprints recorded.


    I want to go back to school for either law (so i can do lots of pro bono work) or economics (so I can start a financial institution that doesn't invest in large destructive corporations or corporations that test on animals, etc etc).

  10. I'm kinda going through a phase like that right now too. I'm limiting myself to one rather large bottle or a few (2-3) small bottles of good microbrewed or imported beer every couple of weeks compared the the 9 PBRs i was drinking every weekend night or night I didn't have school. I have so much more money now heheh.


    But yeah, some of my friends are bummed out but they can deal with it.

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