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  1. My buddy is good friends with the guys of Flatfoot 56. They're really cool guys. I've only ever seen them at a show where myself and two other people were the only ones slamming. I'll probably see them live again in Chicago. Hopefully it will be a better show. I lovvvveeeeeeee old school punk rock, still listen to it a bunch, and even the newer stuff i listen to sounds a lot like the old stuff. Chronic Seizure is my favorite local punk band from Chicago. There's also a few other bands, Intifada, I Attack, The Catburgulars, who i've seen live over the years in houses or basements in Chicago. I never had anybody to go to shows with in High School and it's nice to have college aged kids to go to shows with. My buddy and I are gonna live together when he graduates and will probably be hitting the Chicago punk scene hard. I also love Swedish punk and hardcore. Regulations are my favvvvvv.
  2. I'm back. I'm single. I'm lifting hardcore again. And most importantly... I'm running Linux. p.s. Any linux for Dumb bastards who have been using windows there whole lives books/links would be much appreciated.
  3. The metal containers are the best honestly. I use the whole food one and love it. They'll seriously last 15 years. I don't taste anything metallic in mine either.
  4. When you're in Chicago you gotta try and go to The Chicago Diner, The Blind Faith Cafe, and Soul Vegetarian East. Not sure where I'll be NYE, but if I'm free I could try and meet up with youze guyze. No clue about Ohio. It's personally my least favorite state ever but everyone else seems to like it.
  5. I really want to get a Mac for recording purposes, but right now I have a PC. I'll probably buy a mac next and just get a PC from work for free or very little money and boot linux on it. I just game on xbox now so I don't need a gaming pc.
  6. Unfortunately they weren't that creative. They just had Ep 1-3 at the Family Video we got it at.
  7. From what little I know about physics and from what I've heard top scientist in this field say, any black wholes that would be formed would not be able to sustain themselves. I think this will be really fantastic when they start it up! I'm all about science and I get all nerdy and excited about stuff like this.
  8. The Thrive Diet is a really good place to start IMHO. It's really helped me clean up my diet to more non-processed foods. I can't wait until my parent's kitchen is done so I can eat 100% whole foods with ease. Kind of a pain in the ass to cook non-processed foods and prep them without a kitchen.
  9. I watched Run Lola Run and The Edukators this weekend. Both were fucking fantastic. I also watched Porn Wars (terrible but hilarious star wars themed porno that is really fun to watch while drinking Fat Tire amber ale with your friends) and part of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  10. Veganoo(i got a sampe from VE, now my family uses it) Trader joes shampoo Jasons facial scrub Earth Naturals?(or something like that) exfoliate Bigelows Shaving cream Preserve toothbrushes and razors Trader joes toothpaste Next to godliness detergent
  11. Real Name- Andrew Age- 20 Location- Chicago, Illinois Vegan since- 2 years ago on June 6th Work- Low voltage technician, musician, soon to be recording engineer and promoter for any bands I can get my dirty mits on interests- MUSIC, biking, DIY, co-ops, WVO/SVO cars, recording, photography, weightlifting, volunteer work (I'm considering the local animal shelter, food not bombs, or something having to deal with sexually abused girls and women), renewable energy, sustainable "capitalism"(one could argue it's not capitalism if it's sustainable, and I would too), Noam Chomsky, anarchism, Free Markets, dumpster diving(right now I just stick to what I can find curbside or in allies), TATTOOS!, farmers markets, books dislikes- bigotry, hypocrisy, fake people, SUVs, the internal combustion engine, misogyny, yuppies, hipsters(not all of them, but enough of em), capitalism
  12. I have one in a small diy type publisher zine upstairs but I was just wondering if anybody else sews stuff.
  13. I still breakout like crazy if I don't keep my skin clean. Especially when I'm lifting and my hormones or going bonkers.
  14. I would pay good money for that No Whey shirt. And the 100% vegan muscle. Both rock my socks.
  15. Is there any reason to reflexively doubt the UN on this issue? Not but there is a reason to never use one source to back up your arguments. That's what he's saying.
  16. I don't live in Decatur, Illinois anymore.
  17. I think Ian Mackaye might be vegan. I know Fugazi was vegan when they were together.
  18. I ate so much good vegan food today. So much that i will list it. Chicago Diner... Vegan Gyros Sweet Potato "fries" Spring rolls Cherry vanilla cheesecake Chowpatti... Combo platter w/ dal, chana curry, allo mutter, paratha, vegetable biryani a little bit of my buddies girlfriend's masala uttapam Vegan cinnamon roll for desert I'm gonna pass out from the yummyness.
  19. Ok here are some more... Cro-Mags Vegan Reich I Object RAMBO Betercore A lot of these bands are more punk and hardcore but it's about as close to heavy metal as you're going to get. They're also great bands. Not necessarily every song or every member is vegan themed or vegan but there are some.
  20. Earth Crisis, Path Of Resistance I think are both vegan straight edge bands. I'll post some more later, gotta go get changed to go to my fav indian place!
  21. I think i should be getting a raise. I'm back together with my girlfriend. I'm going down to my old school that I'm not going back to this semester (thank god) to party with friends this weekend AND visit my girlfriend and her parents! roxxors!
  22. The original Geoff Rowley shows are vegan. Not even a corporation could lie about that without him finding out or someone else finding out and suing their asses off. Whether or not he's vegan isn't up to us.
  23. Yeah and you can definitely taste the spinach or whatever greens you put in it no matter how much fruit you add to it. With a vitamix or blendtec there are no chunks at all and it's totally smooth and delicious. Plain spinach is great, but when you blend it up it can be a little funky. I still do it cause I honestly kind of like the taste even if it's not perfectly blended. I still might get a vitamix or blendtec in a couple of months.
  24. It is possible to make them with cheaper blenders, they're just nowhere near as good as when you have professional equipment. You can sort of get the idea though with a cheaper blender.
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