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  1. The reason we didn't help the Tibetans probably has something to do with the fact that we have borrowed most of our money from China to fund our "war on terror". If we did anything to piss them off they could easily fuck us over.
  2. I'm excited to play Too Human on xbox. I've heard the controls are frustrating sometimes but it's rare that the controls screw up and the game is amazing and has endless possibilities for character construction. I'll probably rent it and then maybe buy it too!
  3. Not my bag and honestly some of the older people who do it are either extremely hot or scare the crap out of me.
  4. I'm gonna have to ask a friend. It's a kit that you have to build yourself so if you don't know how to solder you might need to look for some software that will do it.
  5. Check out reaper, it's free and good. You're going to need some sort of mic and input. USB mics sounds like shit but if you need a quick fix go to guitar center and pick one up. If not, get a simple 2 mic pre USB 2.0 interface. If you're just going to be doing videos you probably don't care about uber elitist quality that much. There is hardware out there that will zap the lead vocals out of any song. Not sure how it works or how well it works, but it's out there.
  6. There was a guy who has been fighting them for the past several years. Looks like he finally won.
  7. Any moving machinery is going to give off some sort of electric field. High voltage shit is the worse to be around for long periods of time. The cell phone thing isn't conclusive, but i do switch ears all the time, but that's cause my ear gets fatigued or i might want to lie down differently if i'm lying down.
  8. Books are good and shit even candles or something like that can be nice if you snag some soy candles. As long as you're not interested in being her boyfriend it probably wont come across in a weird/creepy/awkward way. I'm a big fan of the mix tape(cd).
  9. I'm listening to Iron Maiden "2 Minutes To Midnight" on youtube. The sound quality is such shit.
  10. That has really cool depth to it. Sweet!
  11. There have been other studies showing that because our bodies really aren't meant to process meat and dairy all that well (even though we still can to survive, although not optimally in my opinion) we really don't absorb any of the nutrients in milk. And meat doesn't have any nutrients in it. It's just fat, water and protein.
  12. I still have oily ass skin as a vegan but it's definitely not as bad as when I was eating meat. I gotta eat more omegas.
  13. The U.S. Consumes the most dairy per person out of any country in the world. We also have the highest percentage of osteoporosis. Sounds to me like milk/cheese/yogurt doesn't do shit to help build strong bones.
  14. Oh man, that's a damn good price. You temptress you!
  15. Got my Killdozer "I Saw The Light" 7" in the mail yesterday. Best ebay purchase ever, i love it and have two more Killzdozer 7"s on the way!!! Yusssss!
  16. Veganessentials.com I get most of my hygiene stuff from there. My face scrub, astringent, soap, condoms, massage oil. I also got some candles today. It usually gets to my house within 2 days because I live so damn close to Milwaukee.
  17. Herban Cowboy is amazing. I need a little fragrance sometimes when I get bad BO. Even Thai Crystals only slightly thwart my body odor, even without meat and cheese, etc. etc. But I just use the deodorant. I think I might snag some of the cologne if I ever get set up on a fancy date by my friends again. It's only happened once so far.
  18. Yeah, my buddy Jim has a pretty serious girlfriend. And she's Republican. Well more libertarian now(and not in the european sense of the word) but I still terrorize her with my ideals. She's cool though. Enough of that! More beards! I love the cut I have in the picture and right now. Neck beards ftw!
  19. Not to argue, but this just isn't true. 2 years ago it was cheaper than it is today. My 2 bedroom in the burbs 2 1/2 years ago was $690. It was a brand new building. I saw plenty of 2 bedrooms during that time in the burbs for $475-$525 Obviously in the city is more, but the prices were def lower 2 years ago then they are today. There are some neighborhoods that are higher than the prices I listed but not many. Particularly the pearl district is higher, but seeing as I don't know anyone under 30 that would actually want to live there I didn't bother listing that. I live in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Portland (especially for vegans) and 2 bedrooms are easily found between $900 and $1300. I'm sure the prices were lower, but comparatively it was up there with Chicago. I'd say that it seems to be pretty reasonable compared to Chicago nowadays. A good two bed in a good neighborhood in Chicago can get up to be 1600 bucks. MORE if you're downtown unless you have a deal with a college. I'd probably live in the city if I could find a studio for as cheap as I bet it can get in Portland.
  20. I see your beard and raise you... http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v117/161/55/48703522/n48703522_30603280_6740.jpg Me with Magnus and my buddy Jim @ the Chicago diner. That was last summer. My beard is almost that massive again. I call it my "fuck you i'm single and not trimming this mother-fucker and being highly ironic because it's summer and it's hot and itchy" beard.
  21. I just ate a can of olives. Yummers.
  22. I did as well! I also voted for the Chicago Diner, because it rawks!
  23. Wow, cheaper than Chicago is! Guess things have changed. I remember just a few years ago Portland was wayyy more expensive than Chicago! xdarthveganx just said what they are. Oh damn. I didn't catch that. Thanks. The prices were for a two bedroom. So I'm sure( Hopefully ) that a one bedroom( Or a studio which would be what I'd prefer ) would be relatively cheaper. I'm still weighing put my options of where I shall move once the time comes. Currently it's between Portland or the L.A. Area. I personally would never move to L.A. even if someone paid me to. Just not my cup of tea. It's fun to visit though, that's for sure!
  24. Well i've heard that portland can be very expensive, but you can always find good deals in even the most expensive cities to live in. Hood River is super beautiful and even though it gets pretty touristy, it isn't cheap or gaudy. I've only been to Oregon once but I love it. I may even consider living there eventually because the music scene in the pacific northwest area is actually pretty good.
  25. My ex-girlfriend is coming to visit... and yes that's actually a happy thing. Best ex ever! Oh, and i'm seeing This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb tomorrow night. And i'm getting a new cell phone tonight, hopefully.
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