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  1. Should i check my mail today? Sure why not!!!!!
  2. I usually tend to not move for an hour after the adrenaline kicks out. Usually i have just enough time to shower, take a protein shake and walk over to the caf at my school. If not, i sit at my desk for an hour.
  3. hahah, i'm now referring to sex as "cardio with a partner".
  4. My parents are over 50. 1955, 1954. I'm sure we have a couple members at least in their late 30s. I'm 18.
  5. Just ordered it along with my vegan weight lifting gloves/straps. Can't wait to finally start using more Vega. I'm getting some Vega for Christmas/Winter Solstice(i don't know how progressive my mom is being this year ) And Goji berries. mmmmmmmmm.
  6. If i could use one word to describe todays workout it would be Clusterfuck. Deadlifts(in kilos) 1x5 @ 122.2 2x4 @ 122.2 1x3 @ 122.2 so i go to rack the bastard of a weight and after i do so i find that there is a shooting pain spreading through my legs. Apparently my legs decided to crap out this week. I've done the same thing every time. I think this time i just over worked it. Bleh. So tommorow i'm probably gonna do back/front squats if my legs aren't totally screwed. If not, i'm probably going to do some high pulls, cleans and rows along with a little benching. Or i'm thinking i'll probably wait till friday.
  7. I use Zappos for shoes. Free shipping and if there's an issue you can ship em back for free too. zappos.com i got my macbeth's there.
  8. Haha, that was great. I think i'm gonna go lift some old people now.... errrr... i mean weights....yea...
  9. Awesome!! The rest of this week and part of next should be pretty zany for midterms, but i have a 4 day break after that and i'll be sure to drop you an email about that. I've already talked to several football players/wrestlers about it. The wrestler seemed to think we all just eat the same stuff. Wish i could've cooked him something.
  10. I think that's how it works. I can tell that i'm gaining muscle while losing fat because my weight drops but my maxes/reps go up.
  11. That IS adorable. Now if only all the kids my age could understand that easily.
  12. I just told my mom to read skinny bitch. She told me about what she says about people who bitch about carbs in that book and i almost lashed out at this one girl today.
  13. Hehe, rawsome. My mom is slowly making the transition over, she only eats some cheese now but she's not after she finishes off what cheese she has left, and she has already lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks non raw. I'll hopefulyl go raw with her over the summer. Should be fun.
  14. The only real way to find that out would be to... 1. Call the company and find out what farm they use for their wool. 2. Go to farm and see how the sheep are. Depending on where the farm is, that'd be a bit of a pain. I also have some wool suits and leather items that i bought before going vegan. I'm using them until they wear out, and then i'm going to check into some cotton suits. Sounds like they'd be more comfy anyway. They make polartech socks. It's basically synthetic fleece. But then comes in the whole petroleum byproduct debate. Maybe just wear 2 pairs of organic cotton/hemp socks. It'd keep your feet nice and toasty for sure. This thread reminds me that i have to make sure my family doesn't buy me anything wool/leather/silk/down for the holidays/Christmas. Hemp all the way.
  15. Well, you could grow some sprouts. Not sure how hard it is to do wheatgrass. You might be able to do it in a window sill type set up.
  16. Sex is uber cardio and i'm a beginner. Come on potter, you can do it!! You can do it allll niggghhhttt longggg!!(thank you waterboy)
  17. I've started a new sort of routine. Close Bench- [email protected] Reg bench- [email protected] Wide bench- [email protected] Shrugs [email protected] [email protected] Side Rows [email protected] Curls [email protected] Push Press(not strict, slight knee bend) [email protected] [email protected] Good lift. Im' mixing up the bench cause i feel like i've plautaued(sp) big time.
  18. Philosphically i believe in anarchism but i still vote. I'm doing early voting.
  19. I'm hopefully biking 60 miles next year for the EAC(environmental club). Gotta start training for that.
  20. I might order some this weekend(or my parents might cause i'm a cheapo and i have no money). Hey robert, there's a store in my little old college town run by vegans/vegetarians. They said they could order me vega any time i want some but they don't stock it. If i gave them your information or vice versa, do you think that would help? I'd love to have it on the shelf there although i'm thinking about ordering through them as well. I think i'll get some of the cheaper stuff this weekend, but after that i'm buying local.
  21. Conditioning can be done by yourself. Technique does need a team or partner.
  22. Mine was for the most part. I'm trying to think if anything about intercoms that's un-vegan. Probably some of the cleaning stuff wasn't.
  23. Took almost a week off. Came back today strong. Back squats [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Felt great. Starting at 315 for those next time. Bench [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] lost a little on bench. Shoulda benched when i was at home Lunges [email protected] Tricpe Pull downs [email protected] Dips- did 5
  24. No testing whatsoever. Kinda ruins dreams, but there are plenty of natural body builders who i'd still give my right nut to look like.
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