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  1. My cheat day was friday, had a Chicago Diner sammich and raw cheesecake. Oh, and a artichoke calzone appetizer.


    I'm eating zero processed foods right now. Reading The Thrive Diet inspired me. I feel fucking great!


    I freaking love chipotle burritos though...

  2. The movie about his assassination was more about the obvious ramifications of what would happen if he was killed. It wasn't a celebration (granted me and my friend were dancing around the room and rewound it several times when it finally happened)


    I can't wait to see this too.

  3. More major cities will more than likely know what vegan means. Any smaller towns might be an issue. Austin is great but I have no idea about killeen texas. If you tell a restaurant that you don't eat meat and are allergic to dairy and eggs, you should be OK because most restaurants would be terrified of being sued by someone who has an allergic reaction to their food. I've had to use that sometimes in Decatur when I used to go to school there. Sad but true.

  4. Yeah it was still sold out when I went last night. We had to get our tickets 2 days ahead of time. I really want to see it @ the Imax in Chicago because I figure there will be less stupid high school kids there. This is probably the first movie that I've ever wanted to see twice in theaters.

  5. Austin, TX is a kickass vegan town. Check out Mr. Natural and Daba Joy for sure. Mr. Natural has some kickass vegan pumpkin pie and great vegan tex-mex. Daba joy is a fantastic almost 100% vegan coffee shop with a mean espresso brownie, oatcream(vegan ice cream made from oats) and some other entrees. Next door to Toy Joy which is a really quirky independent Toy Store. There's also a chinese vegetarian place called Vegetable Garden. There are also a ton of indian restaurants.








    My friend lived literally right across the street from this place but when I visited her it was when they were closed due to fire damage!


    You gotta go and rub how good it is in my face.


    Make sure to go to Freebird burritos. They have good veggie burritos and you can't find them in pretty much any other place in the US besides out west and southwest.


    Make sure to check out the local music scene in Austin. It's the live music capital of the U.S. if not the world. Try and see if there will be a band you like recording an Austin City Limits show while you're there. If you wait in line for several hours like I did, you can get in for free and maybe end up on TV!!!! (I saw Explosions In The Sky and I ended up on the TV show too!!!!!) Just do a search on the internet and you can literally find hundreds of clubs in Austin. Everyone I talked to on the street had there favorite and don't be shy because the people in Austin are SO FUCKING NICE!!!!! I'd love to go back but don't really have the time or money right now.


    If my friend still lived there I'm sure I could convince her to let you crash on her couch but she actually lives in Chicago right now. I'll see if I can get a hold of her and see if she knows of any nice cheap hostels. I know she has a hippy friend who lives there, he might be able to accommodate you.


    NY, I have no clue about.



    p.s. Are you going to ACL Fest? Cause if you are I hate you and am soooo damn jealous.

  6. Nice pics, thanks for posting. It looks like you really know your way around a vegan wiener. I've heard of the Oregon Country Fair, a lot of hippies head there after the Rainbow Gathering. I hope to make it out there some day, really jealous of you west coast folks sometimes.



    I almost went to that for one night when i was in Austin but my friend's hippy friend never called us back. It was apparently close by and I wanted to gorge myself on hippy potluck food so bad.


    I blame him forgetting on the weed.

  7. Well more like an exaggeration.


    If I throw in shows to that figure I probably drop a couple hundred a year total. I usually only splurge like I did today 2-3 times a year, and one of those times is usually with xmas or birthday money so that doesn't count.


    Plus I usually get a few records for xmas too.


    Soon I'll hopefully be recording myself and others and booking myself and others, so I'll be giving back to the music community in that way as well. I don't plan on making that much money at first at all. I have a very Ian Mackaye-esque view of how things should be in "the scene" if you will.


    But yeah I spend lots of money on music.

  8. I like to try before I buy. I have a few bands where I'll pretty much just grab their new album no matter what but there are some others that I have never heard before and want to check out.


    I also loooooovvve getting hard to find either OOP or limited vinyl release only vinyl rips online. Or live bootlegs too.


    Movies I'll DL every now and then but usually I just get it for free at the library anyway.


    Every couple of months I make up for this by dropping about a hundred to two hundred bucks on records or CDs if the band doesn't press vinyl, although most of the stuff I listen to is pressed on vinyl as well as CD.


    Now that I think of it I'm gonna head over to grave mistake records website and pick up 3-4 albums that I want. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Well I still need to keep XP on my computer for when I get my recording stuff set up. Linux does have some open source recording software (Audacity is one) but I'm getting an mbox pro so I can learn how to be a crazy pro tools wanker and I need to have Windows to run Pro Tools (at least I'm almost 100 percent positive i do)


    Or I could somehow find 3 thousand dollars lying around and buy a mac. But that's not going to happen.

  10. So Yesterday I left my computer on when I went to work. Sometime during the day a wire got knocked loose and a fan went out. It was very hot yesterday and we haven't been using the AC because our kitchen is being remodeled and it's just not efficient because of the work being done.


    Basically I'm pretty sure I damn near fried my mobo, cpu AND video card.


    But today it's working fine. *knock on wood*


    So in conclusion, my computer is Jesus.


    And I'm downloading Ubuntu.

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