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  1. I'm going to try leafletting here and i'll make sure to contact you when i'm back by chicago. *** That's what i'm aiming for. If i get higher on any of those #s i wont fret.
  2. Pelican= my fav band from chicago Andrew=my name
  3. If i start hitch hiking now, think i can make it by sunday? I still have to meet the vegan girl downstairs. I'm so anti-social and awkward. This should be fun. Afterwards, vegan potlucks in my dorm every friggin week!!!
  4. Yes!!! Someone else from illinois. Give me until next year and i'll be glad to show off some lifts to break stereotypes. I've been vegan for a few months now and i'm trying to hit a 300 lb bench, 400 lb squat, and 500 lb deadlift, sometimes known as athe 300/400/500 split. Hopefully i'll be able to hit that by next year. That'd be totally rad to set up some sort of exposition of vegan athletes in the area. And screw vegan pizza when you've got the best damn Lentil Burger i've had in my entire life at The Chicago Diner!!!. I've heard Soul Vegetarian is another amazing place. Really have to go there too. Chowpatti out right by where i live is the best indian food you'll ever have. Vegan friendly!!! I'm in Decatur right now for college but if i'm ever in chicago during either thanksgiving or winter break, i'll be sure to let you know.
  5. When I was in the dorm I'd soak beans for 24hrs...overnight isn't quite enough...then depending on the bean you can cook them in 20 minutes or so...I let them boil...shut it off...then let it cool a bit then boil again I have to get a ton of dried beans from the store(probably tommorow after hell day, aka wednesday).
  6. Hopefully i can get an internship out there through my school. OR we go visit my mom's friends in Hood River. That place rules too. It's like this little town and they keep all the huge corporations like Wal-Mart and starbucks on the outskirts. I LOVE IT!!
  7. Oh i know this is. I'm just talking about other things kids do.
  8. Dietary fiber, 41 g. I'd poop all day and all night if i had a cup of that stuff!!!!!!
  9. O i get it now. We all have to be psycho elitist asshats and then we'll win everyone over with our asshole attitudes. No wonder my girlfriend isn't going vegan yet. I should be a complete ass to her. Thanks!
  10. I know there's a killer co-op where my girlfriend goes to college(De Kalb) but there isn't anything down here. There are farmers stands, and those are always the best for fresh fruits and veggies, plus you support the local economy/workers.
  11. These all kick ass. Political Cartoons for a new generation.
  12. Same thing could be said about eating mushrooms. They're grown in shit in the dark. Same thing could be said about any plants that are grown in the nasty dirt. You know, beans and carrots. Your argument is flawed. That being said i still dont think honey is vegan. It comes from an animal. Personally i think that's all you need for an argument. The whole eww gross thing is childish. However i also dont think that it's worth arguing about this amongst vegans. We should be trying to convice carnivores to go vegan and vegetarians to take the next step. Not piddle about over bee spit.
  13. I know exactly what you mean. Kinda how i feel about the "Happy Cows" on the nasty milk machine in my caf. At least put some chocolate soy milk in there, Geeze!!! This frat boy that my room mate knows saw me eating pizza without cheese and told me i was missing out. I just laughed. I kinda feel bad because i dont like being a jackass, but seriously i'm not missing out. That pizza ruled.
  14. I'm torn between making my area more vegan friendly or saying screw it and moving out to portland. I'm definitely going to move to chicago or portland after college. Both veg friendly. But man portland is just great.
  15. The only thing we can do is not support them or any of their affiliates. Which by the way is a pain in the ass to do when your college dorm water is filled with chunks of scum from the faucet. I hate bottled water with a passion.
  16. How do you make dry beans in a microwave? Or do you just sprout em? I usually rinse canned beans now too because they're ultra salty.
  17. Toilets are good, christian veggie pamphlets in the christian bookstore is another good one. I'd go with the caf. A little reading material to go with a carnivores burger. That might cause a little annoyance. I really want to put a picture up of how cows are really treated right next to the milk machine we have that has happy cows painted on it. But i digress.
  18. Beans and rice. Get some leafy greens and brocolli too. If you feel like going all out, get some nuts and avocado. If you have a stove and plan on cooking, veggie oil and virgin olive oil.
  19. I've heard of b12 increasing acne like nuts. It's never done it for me, probably because i take omegas with my protein shakes so it all evens out.
  20. Depends on what you think is horrible i suppose. Not that any of us have ever done anything as horrible as this is.
  21. I'd kill women and children for a Vega sale at whole foods. hah, a sale at whole foods. I crack myself up.
  22. I'd go through hundreds of drug tests to prove him wrong. And i'd pay for them. Hopefully he'd be a good christian and just believe that i'm not lying to him and i respect him because he's my girlfriend's dad. He's not too right wing about his beliefs, even though he does play Jesus in the easter play.
  23. I'm actually getting a vegan/vegetarian thing going at my school. I met a few already through our schools concert committee, we book bands and stuff. The real trick is going to be getting the word out there to get even more people to convert on over to a healthier lifestyle.
  24. The only reason you should have a gun is in case you need to protect yourself from a fascist state. That's about it.
  25. Where the hell did you find these gems? This is obviously complete bullshit.
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