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  1. I was thinking a vegan thanksgiving or winter because that's the only time i have off from school besides a few choice concerts in chicago i may be attending. Just getting the idea out there and see who else is on this board and what they think. I know CollegeB and Kathryn are Illinoisanese, anyone else? Or even if you're from wisconsin or are stopping in the area, just let one of us know. my email [email protected] AIM- slidecore42
  2. AWWW DOGGY!!!! He/she is adorable. I miss my dog back at home. Thankfully in one of my seminar classes, i get to work with dogs!!! Welcome! I'm sure you probably wont have much trouble finding vegans in california. There are times when i wish i would've applied to Cal Poly Pomona. But alas, here i am in the middle of fields of soy and corn trying to just find ONE other vegan besides myself.
  3. Any woman who says that is not worth conversing with and might have a penis. And i'm really sorry if you're close with whoever said that. Just my opinion.
  4. Can they test stuff on me? For the right price, i'll be glad to take a bullet, or eyeliner, for an animal.
  5. Hope your friend's bro-in-law gets better as well. That's really a great victory. I really want to try and talk with my girlfriends dad about this. My girlfriend has just gone vegetarian, which she has wanted to do for about a year now but was afraid to tell her dad. I'm even afraid to tell her dad that i'm a vegan. My girlfriend and her mother are diabetic, her sister has a gluten allergy and her dad isn't the most trim of people. I really think that they could all benefit greatly health wise. Unfortunately, my girlfriend's dad is one of those "the bible says i can eat meat" sort of people, but he's also a personal trainer. I think if i come back from college and show him my muscle mass gains, he might think twice. I think that my mom is highly considering it. I really want to get her that "Skinny Little Bitch" book. It sounds like the sort of thing she would just love. If she went my dad would at least only eat vegan while at the house. If my mom learned how to cook vegan, well my dad would go 100%. I took him to the chicago diner and he said that the vegan pot stickers there were the best pot stickers he had ever had!!! Stories like this that have a happy ending are really uplifting.
  6. That commercial makes me vomit. A. REAL men dont act like that. Stupid inbred hicks do. B. Has meat ever looked more ing? I think not!!!!!
  7. I usually eat a lb of tofu with rice and veggies in one setting easy. I should go for 2. 100g of protein? Sure why not!!!!
  8. It's not people. It's society. Little things just get played off. Parents are complacent. And then things like Columbine happen. Things like this happen. I guarantee you they blame rap or metal. Not the parents. Not the system that constantly screw over impoverished minorities and has been proven to do so. We all do stupid horrible crap when we're young. Some take it to horrid extremes.
  9. http://www.exrx.net/Lists/Directory.html This site kicks butt. Just click on the muscle groups you want to work on or search for specific exercises. I like back squats and front squats with good ol crunches for the core. Front squats also work your abs if you do em right. I love a good ol ab burn the day after i do front squats. Amazing.
  10. Wow that looks damn good. Maybe try some raw chocolate stuff on top also. Cant go wrong with chocolate.
  11. I'm glad you liked the breakfast recipe. I actually eat that for lunch and snacks too sometimes. Adding any fruit to it also is good for taste, although you're supposed to eat fruit by itself on an empty stomach for best results. For the pizza, just order a pizza without cheese! Of course, you gotta ask the place you're ordering from if their crust/sauce is also vegan. Make sure to explain to them what vegan is. So many people think we eat fish it's hilarious. Pizza Hutt and Papa John's both have vegan crust/sauce. I might order one later tonight if i'm feeling extra hungry. Your shopping list reminds me exactly how low i'm running on food in my dorm. I gotta stock up on some leafy greens and fruit. Probably frozen for easy storage.
  12. I helped my friends carry all their stuff up to their 6th floor dorm room at ISU. Carrying two cases of bottled water up 6 flights of stairs is not recommended. Actually had i planned on working out and gotten more calories in me earlier(and not smoked that victory cigar on friday, which i honestly never do and never will again) it would've been fun and not a pain in the ass.
  13. I can't dance for crap and there are NO dance clubs in decatur. I do enjoy a good go at the punching bag though. Or a bike ride.
  14. Wow crap! I'm glad i dont have that happen to me. I love melon.
  15. I think that's how it works. Check out that site that Bigbwi posted. Really cool. I'm actually getting excited about trying it out when i have my own place next year!!!!
  16. O wow i have a ton of buckwheat. Looks like i have a project for this weekend.
  17. Yea seriously, kale, spinach and brocolli. I like peas and green beans as well.
  18. That's really weird that you got hives like that. Neve heard of a watermelon allergy. I'm gonna have to say watermelon with bananas in a very uber close second.
  19. How bout almonds? I have several handfuls left and i was considering sprouting them. I'm considering going raw when i dont have to have a university meal plan. All freshmen need a 2 meal a day one.
  20. Raw is a little tough at school unless you have your own place to sprout things or to keep a juicer/dehydrator for a bunch of recipes. I hope to go way more raw next year when i have my own apartment. I like beans plain but there's another thread that has a bunch of vegan chili recipes. Also i highly suggest rinsing canned beans off because they're so damn salty. I usually just take beans, mix some rice with them and put them in a corn tortilla. If you want to get fancy you can add some avocado/guacamole.
  21. Another kick butt way to make quinoa would be just how you make oatmeal. A little cinnamon, raisins, almonds(sprouted), and soy/rice/almond milk and you're good to go. My mom also just eats quinoa like cereal. Put on some fresh fruit and soy milk. Really quick meal if you make it the night before(like i do). Yet another more entree version of quinoa that i love is just putting some bruschetta or dried tomato on top. It's also very good with zuccini and olive oil and bruschetta.
  22. Everything and anything you can get your hands on. Seriously. There really is no such thing as a bad fruit. If i had to pick two though, i'd pick Bananas and Oranges/Avocados. I cant chose between the Vitamin C and the creamy goodness of Avocados.
  23. I'm going to try and go raw if i get my own place in college next year. It's tough to eat raw when you really dont have any place to store food and you need a meal plan because you're a freshmen. I also need to do more research on nutrition and stuff. This diet looks really interesting. I like the chimp diet idea. Very cool.
  24. I'm a member at a trombone forum as well and it was posted there. I'll look for it.
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