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  1. Sounds like they would have Ringu. Probably the best of the j-horror genre imho. I really wanna check out The Audition though. Sometimes creepy pale japanese kid ghosts get a little old fast. Especially when they're in half the Japanese horror films out there. And then they're all remade into mediocre american horror films.
  2. Just have foobar2k on shuffle. So I'm listening to The Pixies- Ed Is Dead Live In NYC December 18th 2004 One of the several bands I would give my left nut to see live. And now Scholastic Death- Sham(e)
  3. I just got a poopton of movies from the lieberry... FO FREE!!! Life Is Beautiful, Dr. Strangeglove, Delicatessen(dark french humor!), Bicycle Thieves (neorealist Italian film) and Koyaanisqatsi(documentary scored by Phillip Glass-whose music is really only good in movies, so it rocks!) My parent's are finally redoing our kitchen is getting redone this week, so I'm making a ton of falafel batter for a party this weekend an old high school friend is throwing and watching all these movies! Plus I still have The Samurai Trilogy and City Of God. Week is looking pretty sweet!
  4. I love kale. I love chocolate. Makes sense to me!!!!
  5. I really want to get a vitamix. Right now I'm using my moms Waring Pro. It's a pro blender that they use in bars and restaurants that she got on overstock.com. My own personal blender is a really nice Cuisanart blender/food processor combo. It's great.
  6. I didn't know you could try ubuntu off a CD-ROM without loading it. Freaking sweet. I'm gonna have to do that now that I have my internet up and running again. I stick with XP, vista pisses me off to no end.
  7. My one friend watched it and said it was really sad and made her feel like starting to do something about the way she eats. I bet she'll be vegan soon, she already stopped eating meat. I didn't watch it because I was already in a pretty bad mood and from what she told me I probably would have bawled my eyes out.
  8. Just watched Man Bites Dog and The Host. Man Bites Dog is a phenomenal French flick that won the International Critics Award at the 92 Cannes Film Festival. The Host is a Korean horror movie. It was alright. There was a bunch of hype around it that I just didn't agree with, but not a total waste of time.
  9. Cool thread!! http://www.myspace.com/jackhammerhoganson I play drums. Show this Saturday.
  10. New balance are nice. I have a pair of them for work/working out. I have a fuckton of No Sweat chuck rip offs that I got cause they were on sale for 15 bucks a piece. 3-1 basically. I also have a pair of adbusters Recycled Tire and Hemp boots. They also make a sneaker. Great company who gives you a share in their company when you buy there product so you can vote on what sort of products the company should make in the future. I did not like macbeths because they disintegrated in less than a year of use. I have huge freak wide feet though, so that may have been why.
  11. I'm listening to Weezer's Red Album. And no it doesn't come out until Monday.
  12. Yeah same here. There was also a good chinese place that had tofu at my old school.
  13. White pasta is also pretty crappy for you because it spikes the crap out of your blood sugar. I know I always feel like shit after eating white pasta. I stick to the whole wheat stuff. When I get my own place I'll eat raw. I just don't/can't make dietary decisions for my whole family. Although my brother doesn't eat dairy anymore, so I guess that's a slight win.
  14. At least you didn't have a very overweight very drunk very creepy looking gay man at the gay pride parade grab you and scream in your face "ARE YOU GAY???" That was shocking, and it pissed my gay buddy off who I was with because he didn't get any attention. I should post a pick of me wearing my vagina monologues t-shirt.
  15. Oh man, this thread is pretty funny. I've seen these pictures before. Pretty creepy. Like clones....
  16. I prefer a natural blonde but you can never really tell. Most women will tell you though if you say you really like their hair or their eyes and they turn out to be dyed or colored contacts. But yeah I'm a sucker for blondes.
  17. There are two babies left! Next week I'll go the vet to specify the gender. I meant to say "That's too bad that not all of them made it." It was late.
  18. I forgot one thing.... Watermelon More specifically eating at least one by yourself with nothing but a spoon and a knife and maybe a hose to clean yourself off with afterwards.
  19. I cannot find a single god damn watermelon with seeds in them anywhere!!! There is a farmer's market that will be opening soon and I hope they have a bunch of them at the end of summer. They won't be locally grown around here till then.
  20. Rotten tomatoes is a way better review site fyi. My girlfriend went to go see it tonight with friends. She lives 6 hours away or I would've gone with.
  21. That's too bad that all of them didn't make it, but I suppose that's why rabbits reproduce so much. They are too freaking adorable!
  22. Juno is amazing! I watched The Departed last night. So fucking good. Gory, but good.
  23. Yeah I actually watched this episode with my mom. The lady was really sane and knowledgeable. I hope it does some good.
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