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  1. Being vegan doesn't automatically make you a nice person. I usually like vegans and vegetarians more than the average joe but I still find an asshole veggie every now and then. Some people have dispositions like that for one reason or another. Maybe they're going through a tough time, or they went through a tough time that traumatized them.


    I don't really know where I'm going with this. I just woke up.

  2. Yeah we get along great. Unfortunately after this show on Friday I can't play with them anymore because I'm transferring to another college. No big deal though, I love them all and they're still my friends, plus we already found another drummer to take my place!


    You should read the story about how we formed if you think our nicknames are funny!

  3. It's on the shitty myspace player now. We're apparently starting to sell them this Friday so if anybody wants me to mail em one we're selling em for 2 bucks a pop(not including shipping). I'll let you know more info about that if anybody wants to buy one.


    But for now just go to our Myspace and check it out!!!!




    p.s. I'm also on myspace now so add me...




  4. Breathing and just accepting the pain is really the only way. Drinking thins your blood and only terrible tattoo artists will tattoo you if you're drunk and pain killers don't work.


    Some of my shading felt good. I'll hopefully get some more work done on my nature sleeve this summer. Maybe my VU meter too!!!


    Looks good so far!

  5. I listen to the Howard Stern show sometimes(my dad has Sirius) and one day I heard Arty teasing her about being vegan. I had no idea. They do talk about how she's lost so much weight (i'm guessing since going vegan) so maybe that will influence all those truckers out there with satellite radio.

  6. i just found this band called 'Mogwai' and absoletly love them .... here's a video of theirs



    Mogwaï is amazing! Try Mùm also if you don't already know them.


    Also check out


    Sparrows Swarm And Sing

    The Ascent Of Everest

    Godspeed You Black Emperor

    Explosions In The Sky(i saw them on Austin City Limits, and I'm on the taping that made it to TV!!!!!!)


    Pelican(Chicago band, their drummer is eh, but i love em)



    A Silver Mount Zion


    Antennas To Heaven (name based off a Godspeed You Black Emperor album)


    There are many more awesome post-rock bands out there.

  7. Cool tattoos(even though I can't see a picture). When it comes to vegan artist I can't help there unless you go to Portland or Victoria,BC(surely there are more). But I can help you with the fine artist thing. The person who did one of my vegan tattoos was a fellow student at VCU in Richmond(one of the best Fine Arts Schools in the world) and she's an incredible painter. Her style is very different though...quite odd actually but I love it. You can look them up at salvationgallery.com. Her name is Katie so look at her portfolio.


    Just ask the artist if they have gelatin in their inks and if they would mind using a brand that doesn't have that. Some artists won't compromise unfortunately.


    I know that deluxe tattoo in Chicago and Elgin Tattoo in Elgin Illinois use vegan inks.

  8. You should check out videos of Noam Chomsky talking about it. He covers a lot of ground on it and explains the differences of American and European Libertarianism, how the Anarchist movement came about during the industrial revolution when people began realizing that they were worth more than wages. There have actually existed anarchist communities within Capitalist countries since the mid 1800s. It's really fascinating in my opinion.


    Read anything by Emma Goodman, Abbie Hoffman or Noam Chomsky. All good anarchist/social libertarian reads. Kropotkin is another good one, although he is more of a communist anarchist. There are subtle differences such as end goals and the means to get there.

  9. haha dude. we are talking about two completely different things. im not talking about those lame asian signs tattos. i'm talking about stuff like koi fishes and waves you know. like the japanese mafia had/have


    Its no different...those are symbols to the Japanese that aren't any different than the character letters. They tell stories that relate to Japanese people and Japanese history. Many traditional Japanese would even be offended by the idea of considering those symbols as only fish or waves, and many are either offended by the "Japanese" tattoo movement of the west since we don't really understand any of it.


    I have to agree with vegan potter on this one. Except that many japanese people are offended by tattoos because of their very very close relationship with the Yakuza in Japan. You can't go in the public baths there if you have tattoos because generally that meant you were a Yakuza member. It's not that way anymore but Japan tends to hold on to their traditions for a very long time.


    If i were ever to get a Japanese tattoo I would get it done in Japan and get it done the traditional "single needle plus hammer" way. No gun.

  10. I am from IL originally but my wife (who is also vegan) and I live in Indiana now. Only 45 minutes away from the city.


    If you want we should meet up and grab food for sure.

    When are you moving?


    Cool, I move this Saturday and I love to eat! You know Jaaron and the other BI/BO guys too, right?


    I too am from Chicago but I'm down in Decatur for school. I'll be sure to message you if I go back up there before school is over or when I get back this summer.


    You can find a place to do yoga and a rock wall pretty much anywhere. They have tons and tons of gyms all over the city. I don't know of any really good ones cause I'm from the burbs but I'm sure if you ask around you'll find out really quick.


    What part of Chicago are you living in?

  11. Even those who care for the dogs whilst breeding them should not be doing it, since there are too many dogs to be looked after in existance. It's like deliberately having a kid to put it up for adoption, it's totally irresponsible.


    I know and totally agree with you philosophically. Realistically though it's going to take some time before these people find another job that is just as lucrative AND ethically sane enough to drive them away from breeding. I feel sorry because it's their passion and living. Now the bad breeders I really wouldn't feel terrible at all if they all lost their jobs tomorrow.


    I still certainly would not get a dog from any breeder, ethical or not. It's even more like having children to sell into slavery. Not to mention the people who are buying this designer bred dogs are rich bastards(For the most part) who get the dogs purely for social imagery. You know, minivan, SUV, sports car, 4 car garage, 4k foot house, white picket fence, 2 kids, 5 bedroom home, and a 4k dollar dog that probably will end up having tons of genetic disease because of over breeding.


    I've been in a very anti-capitalist mood lately in case you couldn't tell.

  12. Well if he was fit before his muscles did probably have some muscle memory built up. Not to mention when you diet like that your metabolism gets pretty retarded so I bet that made it a lot easier for him to bulk.


    Steroids creep me out. I'm pretty sure I definitely knew at least one athlete in high school who was on them and some of the football players at my D3 school are pretty stacked. Who knows how they pass testing.

  13. Crap, I was going to take a really cool one but now there's no point.


    I have an older picture when I just got my tattoo and I had to wear a tank top and my VBBF shirt is the only tank I have.


    My girlfriend(although not veg) wears my shirt sometimes when she's over and is lounging. It's hot, and gives me hope that maybe she'll go vegan. She's already lactose intolerant, hates eggs, is allergic to beef and really likes me cooking.

  14. My dad used to work at the vet when he was a kid and when we moved to our first house when I was in high school he said the only way we were getting a dog was if we adopted it from a shelter. We even went to one place that was supposedly an adoption place but just turned out to be another puppy farm.


    There's a huge puppy store by my house that I've considered picketing or trying to get shut down. It's really sick and fucked up. Some breeders are good ethical people. Problem is most people don't care or don't realize that the majority of them are just in it for the money and don't care about the dogs at all.

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