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  1. DS all the way. Tons more games and much better games at that. PSP is just overpriced yuppy bait.
  2. Double A Ska/Punk Hour, 9-10 Wednesday- 11-12 Thursday Listen live @ http://www.millikin.edu/wjmu/ IM @ WJMU895 CALL 217-424-6377 Post some requests here ahead of time. I can edit them if they're "dirty".
  3. I've watched Evangelion, RahXephon and Berserk so far this semester. (those are anime series for those who don't know) Haven't really taken the time to watch a movie for enjoyment. I watched Frankenstein with my girlfriend for her honor's writing class but I fell asleep.
  4. I'm usually bored in my science class. So i doodle or fall asleep. I too am a bit too busy to really be bored. Stressed is what i usually become.
  5. Even non-vegan dressy but not dress shoes that are comfortable are hard to find. I have some Nunn Bush Dress-casual shoes that i had before I went vegan. I love em. Maybe find some used? I only know new balance sneakers are comfy and vegan depending on which one you get. I have really freaky wide feet though so my opinions are a bit skewed in favor of my freak feet.
  6. I chop off the top. Then I quarter it. Then I run the knife down the edge of each quarter where the core of the pineapple is. Don't take too much off or you'll waste the fruit. Then eat the whole thing and have your mom yell at you for eating the whole pineapple. Ooo staying at home during the summer....
  7. Well nobody IM'd or called. But we're on this Wednesday!!! Weeee!!!! If anybody wants the playlist I can post it.
  8. My radio show-------------------------- The AA Ska/Punk Power Hour Starts tonight @ 11!!!!! Wednesday 9-10 Thursday 11-12 http://www.millikin.edu/wjmu/ Click Listen Live and call in 217-424-6377 or IM WJMU895 for requests(we'll take it into consideration for next weeks shows) or just to say hi!!!!
  9. Raisins are dried grapes, so yeah! Mine are 1. Watermelon 2. Bananas 3. Pineapple Mangoes and Pears are also awesome. And so are strawberries. And blueberries....and... I like them all.
  10. I usually do flax oil in smoothies. I really want to get a coffee grinder for flax seeds so I can grind the seeds and put them in a smoothie. Mmmmm smoothies.
  11. I find swatting a mosquito to be a knee jerk reaction. Thankfully where I live we don't get that many insects inside so I don't have to deal with infestations of termites or roaches. Mice can always be caught as has been said a bunch of times already.
  12. I sleep on my back or side depending on how I'm cuddling with my girlfriend. If she's not staying over and/or we're on winter or summer break I freestyle it and just sleep however is most comfortable to me that night.
  13. I haven't been able to go ever but this year I can finally! I was supposed to go to Ohio-Con as well. I've just become really interested in anime conventions recently and I'm not really interested in cosplaying. My friend used to go as Bushy Brows from FLCL.
  14. I really want to pick up Berserk and Wolf's Rain. I checked amazon.com and I'm just wondering if there's some place I can get it for cheap. I know anime cons are the best place to buy them at so maybe I'll just wait for A-Cen this spring. Nerdly Yours Pelican Andrew
  15. That all looks amazing. I wish I was that good of a cook! I'm alright but I can't pull of anything near as fancy as your simplest dish!!!!
  16. At least they're trying to do something to stop the spread of AIDs. And the whole thing with the church not wanting people to use condoms is really the church not wanting people to have sex out of wedlock. Condoms=pre-marital sex so that's a no-no. As is the pill. Or any contraceptive device.
  17. Apparently is was just another GMO farm raised deer. "But we hunt to control the deer population..." I smell bullshit as usual.
  18. I had 2 root beers. I've been rationing the nice beer my mom bought for me as a "going back to college" present. I can't really afford the nice stuff and the cheap stuff is well... cheap... 2 more dogfish head Raison D'Etre and then I have to get a few more.
  19. My credit card information was almost used to buy 103 dollars worth of videos online but WaMu's fraud detection caught it. Finally they do something to not piss me off. My girlfriend is recovering from her laparoscopy and was even able to go out to dinner with me and my friends last night. I have bad news too but I'm trying to stay positive. Mainly because the situation isn't resolved yet and it only has to do with money.
  20. I used to feel terrible after eating before i went vegan. I do get gas from time to time. Nothing painful though. Just comical for the most part. They really don't smell.
  21. Well after a week of trying to workout AND take 18 credit hours I've decided to do all of my lifting on weekends. It's the only free time I have. I will let you all know how it goes. Now all my cardio will be done on weekday nights at 9 o'clock. Wish the damn weight room was open then.... grrrrr....
  22. It is a start. We're not going to change everyone's mind overnight. Obviously. I already prefer him over Hillary. Now she just has to stop winning these damn primaries.
  23. The Mountain Goats- This Year Neutral Milk Hotel- Holland, 1945 Propagandhi- anything off of Less Talk, More Rock
  24. Sonic Youth- Expressway To Yr. Skull (Madonna, Sean And Me)
  25. More of a mid leveler myself. I eat some processed foods. My goal is to stop eating bread, but it's just way too easy to make a big ass PBJ sandwhich to get me through the day when I have classes for 5 hours straight. I'll hopefully get my schedule so tight I'll be able to make premade bean/rice meals that I can store in tupperware and just take with me to class. Professors usually don't care unless the class is in a computer lab.
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