Application for PLANTBUILT, must apply before 10/21/14

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Application for PLANTBUILT, must apply before 10/21/14

#1 Postby Lean and Green » Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:17 am

We're looking for new members to represent vegan bodybuilding, cross fit and powerlifting for 2014! Our team is slated to compete once a year and the next competition is July 26, 2014. We are accepting applicants worldwide, as long as you can commit to making it to Austin, TX USA to compete with our team next summer. Hope to see some of you applying. Here are the details! :

Passionate about veganism? Looking to inspire others by competing with a team of fellow vegan bodybuilders, powerlifters and cross fitters..? Now is your chance! For the next two weeks, we are accepting applications for PlantBuilt. We are looking for driven and dedicated individuals who want to dispel the myths that vegans cannot build muscle and perform at a high level in sports.

While we are accepting both new and seasoned competitors, there are only a limited number of spots available and the final decisions will be made through a private voting process.

We look forward the possibility of having you on our team and wish you the best of luck!

(entries will not be accepted after 10/21/2013, no exceptions)[/url]
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