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Back Squat VS Front Squat?

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I think I prefer the back squat even though I like the front squat. Even though the front squat is obviously not going to target the glutes and hamstrings more than the back squat but I think the front squat is harder to cheat on since any kind thoracic flexion is going to cause the bar to fall and thus it helps stabilize your spine and it puts your core at the center of gravity. The back squat is obviously going to target more muscles and allow you to lift a heavier weight thus I think it's more of a functional movement. So yeah I think most people should probably put emphasis on the back squat although the front squat does make a good auxillary lift, especially for those who are training the olympic lifts like the clean.

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Nothing compares to a back squat, period.


Yeah, it seems that way. I must be using more muscles for the backsquat otherwise I wouldn't be lifting as much. It does however seem that my core gets a better workout doing the front squats though.

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