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  1. Today I started a new job which I think will help a lot with my diet since I will pack meals. Alrighty, for today I did: AM: 12 min HIIT PM: 3 sets of 12 squats deadlifts leg ext leg curl calf raises Abs - a 30 minute bike ride and 15 min yoga Foodwise: Meal 1: green protein smoothie Meal 2: homemade protein bar Meal 3: Salad with tofurkey and an apple Meal 4: hummus and crackers -an apple and a pear Meal 5: tofurkey sandwich with salad and protein drink I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight!
  2. Yay! So I have been a vegetarian for years now but not a healthy one due to emotional issues. Now that that is over with I decided to go vegan and really make it my goal to get uber fit to my standards. I have about 30 lbs I wanna shake off. I have always worked out so the physical aspect is not what gets me it is the food. Today my food was: Meal 1: Smoothie with 1/2 banana, peach, berries, spirulina, hemp seeds and a scoop of protein powder with a healthy homemade protein bar or healthy low carb bread of some sort Meal 2- apple and orange with 2 slices of tofurkey Meal 3- Salad with chik'n and honey mustard dressing Meal 4- maybe another smoothie or flax crackers and hummus + water with 1 scoop protein Meal 5- tofu veggie scramble with broccoli, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms and herbs I find it a little tricky to get in a lot of protein- I don't digest beans well even if I soak them overnight, peanut butter or seed butters I cannot be trusted around, all nuts and dried fruit (even raw, soaked) -make me break out and a little itchy, also I am allergic to spinach =( sorry popeye! Also I find it hard to increase my protein without also increasing my carbs- according to sparkpeople, my carbs are maxed out everyday yet I eat "bread" once a day and do not eat pasta or potatoes.. I am at 60% carbs, 10% fat, 30% protein..my calories are around 1500 +- I'm trying to really listen to my body and figure out what it needs- sort of like intuitive eating- but a couple years of not listening have made it hard, and food intolerances have made it a mission! OK enough about food- Todays workouts looks like this: This AM: 12 minutes of HIIT, 15 minutes yoga Tonight: Weights, Arms: 3 sets of 12 -Bench Press -Bent Row -Shoulder Press -Skull crushers -Dumbell curl after the weights I will take a 35 minute bike ride OK long post, but any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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