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Chad Byers' 2 - Month Progress
My training has, for the most part, remained the same. I am still strength training every other day and focusing on heavy compound movements. I alternated between low rep (5-6) and higher rep (8-12) days. I keep the weight as heavy as possible, even on my high rep days.

Two Tips to Improve Your Next Workout - by Derek Tresize
While there is no secret pill or powder that will help you get a good hard workout in, and there's no way to click your heels three times and be done with it, some recent experiences in the gym have given me a couple of tricks that have helped me turn lackluster workouts around into some of my best workouts.

The Competitor's Approach to Losing Fat
Weight lifting and good plant-based nutrition already played a large role in my daily life, and I looked perfectly healthy at around 17-21% body fat. I wanted to look leaner, especially in the legs, but my nutrition was already sound and I was working out twice a day with a lot of cardiovascular exercise and seeing no changes in my body as a result...

Don't Mess With Texas Vegans: Vegan Bodybuilders Dominate Mainstream Competition
The PlantBuilt team of 15 vegan athletes ran the table in many categories of the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation (INBF) sanctioned event, producing five individual champions, four overall champions, two professional qualifications, and numerous top three finishes, including a 2nd and 3rd place finish in a class of 24.

Tips for Carving out your Summer 6-Pack by Mindy Collette
It's commonly said that "abs are made in the kitchen", "abs are 80% diet, 20% exercise," and so on and so forth. But, what does that really mean? What are actual, tried and true steps that will help define and strengthen your core to develop those 6-pack abs?

A Win for Torre Washington!
Congratulations to Torre for taking the stage, and claiming a 1st place victory! What a great achievement personally, and another statement which flattens vegan stereotypes. Way to go Torre!

Summer's Back!
With the change in season and the upgrade in attitude among many, this is an inspiring time of year. Summer is back. How is yours? Not your summer, but your back? Who’s watching your back this summer?

Spring into Shape in the Great Outdoors
Now that inspiration and the smell of tree blossoms fill the air, it’s time to get your lungs filled with air from some good old fashioned outdoor exercise. Whether you’ve stuck with your New Year’s resolutions, or you’d rather not talk about it, spring is a great time of change to start anew

How You Can Make Time to Workout Anywhere, Anytime
When I ask people about their training progress, the most common excuse I hear for not exercising is, “I don’t have time.” This answer is a form of willful self-delusion and a poor excuse. Every person has the same 1440 minutes each day. It is up to us to determine what we’ll do with our time.

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