Counting Macros Question

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Counting Macros Question

#1 Postby macabrevegan » Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:52 am

Hi there!

I am trying to lose fat, and I have started counting my macros. But the problem is, almost every online macros calculator gives me a different answer, so I am a little confused about what to do. They vary between 200-400 calories

I am a 28 year old female, I am 5ft 6 and I weigh 165lbs (75kg) . I am lightly active during the day, and I exercise 4-5 times a week, a mixture of weight training and cardio usually for about an hour each session.
I love exercise because I have tons of energy due to the vegan lifestyle, and the only thing that really stops me is if my muscles feel overly fatigued.

I've had calculators gives me an answer between a calorie range of 1600-2000ish.

I don't think I could sustain 1600 and that seems borderline starvation for an adult woman, considering I exercise quite a bit. BUT, I also do want to lose some fat.

Any thoughts on which calculator is the best?

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Re: Counting Macros Question

#2 Postby TankOnTwoLegs » Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:04 pm

I went ahead and calculated your RMR, or resting metabolic rate. For your age, height and weight, your RMR is an average of 1564 calories (based on's calculator) This is how many calories your body needs just to survive on a daily basis. It's not a number you should go under because then your body starts feeding off itself. From there, calculate how much your body burns each day with training, and add it to your RMR amount. So say you burn 500 calories a day, you would add that to the 1564 of your RMR, getting 2064 calories, this is how much you need to eat to maintain what you have now. To lose, just create a slight deficit, without going under your RMR.

This is just a for instance. If you eat 3000 calories a day you can cut 500 calories through diet and/or exercise and still have a good functioning body because your calories will still be well over your RMR.

Most RMR calculators run around the same with the same four formulas and give you an average.
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Re: Counting Macros Question

#3 Postby vegan_rossco » Sun Aug 09, 2015 1:51 pm

Go on and find their iffym calculator, I swear by it, works for me
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