brink of quitting- advice wanted

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brink of quitting- advice wanted

#1 Postby dimetrodon666 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:04 am

This is kind of desperate, but I am desperate, so here goes.

I am in full support of this movement and really want to be a part of it. Unfortunately I feel my digestive system/ health is prohibiting me from doing so and I was just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with this kind of problem.

The abdominal pain that plant protein seems to cause me at the quantity I choose to eat (due to exercise regime)/ the lack of sleep and poor performance that follows has almost driven me to give up.

I have spoken to professionals and experimented with more combinations of foods/ medications/ home remedies than I can count. Fermented vegetables, food combinations, food timing, raw apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes, minimizing ingredients, maximising ingredients, restricting fibre, increasing fibre, every protein isolate I can think of, no protein powder at all (just consuming larger amounts of the source ingredients like soy milk), exercise timing, common sense adjustments… The fact is, nothing has worked. I cannot face that pain every day and lead a life of any real quality.

This stems from some as of yet undiagnosed intolerance I have to plant food in general (closest we’ve got thus far is IBS, and I think possibly even some kind of mild allergy, but it could well be more serious because as I said none of the mainstream advice has worked, enzymes gave temporary relief of symptoms but body became tolerant eventually plus were very, very expensive).

Eating it at the quantities I would need to eat to repair from the exercise I do does not agree with me. The pain peaks at around 2am, keeping me awake for hours, which has a very real carryover to my performance the next day.

The stool it produces is sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhoea, mostly both.

It gives me large amounts of bad smelling gas.

I feel very weak and nauseas while on this type of diet.

I can digest protein from poultry perfectly with no issue.

I am a 23 year old student. My free time is diminishing, full time employment is calling me and my family is too poor for me to able to focus on fixing this problem indefinitely. I do not have the money to keep trialling products and prescriptions. I am going to have to support myself financially soon and really starting to feel the pressure.

Really this is just a plea for someone to chime in who can in any way identify with this as of yet not-properly-diagnosed condition, to save me years of possible regret/ eating animal products.

I don’t plan to give up on this forever. When I’m financially stable I can look into it again with all my efforts, its just if I can cut out that waiting period I will, which is why I’m interested to hear of similar experiences/ possible solutions.

Many thanks,


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Re: brink of quitting- advice wanted

#2 Postby Feronia » Thu May 11, 2017 7:26 pm

I have had so many issues like this since going vegan. It sounds like you either have a food allergy or a serious gut flora imbalance. The reason you can digest meat proteins are likely because you are/were eating that rather than the pea/beans/hemp/whatever else you're eating not that you're allergic to.

Start with an elimination diet and taking a high quality activated charcoal for 2+ months. Cut down on all high sugar foods (incl most fruits) and focus on whole plant starches and lots of veggies. Dr. McDougall or Dr Klapper, both have elimination diets freely posted on their websites, just google. It may also be worth doing a phone consult with Klapper at True North.

MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT GIVE UP. Go watch earthlings if you feel the desire to go back to animal meats.

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Re: brink of quitting- advice wanted

#3 Postby linuxvegan » Mon May 29, 2017 6:46 pm

Did you go full vegan right away? If so, try a gradual move to vegan meals with whole, simple ingredients. Give yourself time to adjust. Stop eating weird foods like protein isolate and raw vinegar.

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