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half marathon


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Hello folks.


Long time vegan here..(vegetarian in 1982,vegan for about 20 years,now 45 years old).


my back ground is in martial arts and cross training (mainly kettle bells and jiu jitsu) broken up over the years with some running and weight training and yoga.i do NOT consider myself an athlete in any shape or form!


anyway my wife and i have the crazy idea to try and run a half marathon at the beginning or march here in los angeles.The goal is good i have i been somewhat sedate the last few months (other than yoga) due to work/animal rescue.


As total beginner runner do folks here think this is a doable thing? the little i have read suggests running 3 miles 3 times a week and a longer run on weeekend with rest/cross training on non running days.


any tips on a decent training plan.diet etc would be much appreciated!

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Hi!!! Doing my first 1/2 marathon this year too...NYC but in May.


From what I've been reading, need generally about 3 months training to prep for the long distance running. I guess your time is a bit shorter than that. All depends I think on your goal/objective. Just to complete it? Or to be competitive?


Me, I run for the benefits, not because I enjoy it. Something to do with my brother is the motivation, and to represent for the plant-powered lifestyle.


Let me dig around. One option, could be to take an approach similar to what Rich Roll did when running a double marathon 50+ miles. He ran 4 miles, walked 1. Point being that the best finish doesn't go to the fastest runner but the one who slows down the least.


I'd start working on increasing your distances, not all at once mind you. I like the 3 miles, 3x a week with an increased distance on the weekend. One interesting thing that Rich's trainers had him do, was to stay below 140 bpm heart rate, so on the longer runs, stick to about a 10 min mile if possible. Has to do with improving the efficiency of your aerobic capabilities (avoiding anerobic which is bad apparently).


Probably need to top up around the 1/2 way point with some food...bio-available natural stuff, coconut water, salt (something I forget) as your glycogen will be spent by then and you'll need to fuel up.....


Will revisit my book and get back to you!!!

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So I'm signed up for my 1st half in May. The NYRR (New York Road Runners I think) who put on the 5 borough races have a training program that I'm starting...week one done. Looks like like it starts reasonable...3 mile runs...and include some interval speed work for getting a better time. And it increases your runs each week up to race day. Set up as a 10 week program. Did my first 6 mile run today. My time wasn't what I'd hoped, blame it on the wind!



Let me know if you can find it and I can email it to you.

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