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  1. Thank you all for your reply. I will look around on the site. Sorry fot my late reaction (a short vacation as a present for my birthday) Mac
  2. In which portions, when to take what? I want to make a planning for the grocceries. Because my difficult schedule of work and classes.
  3. Hi, I live in Holland (The Netherlands) I'm mac (f) with some xra kilos. So that's my name. In the past I was a cyclist (track and road). Now I take my bike only for my shopping. I'm veg. since I can remember (9-10 year old). Now a real veg. I'm still eating eggs and fish. From today I want to be a real vegan. Only how can I do that? I don't wanna hurt animals by my eating. My workingtime's are every day different (36 hours a week). sometime I work in the early morning, sometime in the night. I'm working with autistic people and they need 24 hours care. And I'm still learning (my 2nd university study) for 30-36 hours a week) next point: I wanna loose weight. I'm with my 1.77 meter, 93 kilo. When I was cycling (international) and had a fat% of 12, I weight 72 kilo. So I'm (still) a musculair woman. I can't run on core because I've got problems with my knees. Help. Can somebody help me? I want my slimmer body back. I'm desperate. thanx, mac
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