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  1. haha true I think I was just grabbing granola bars and hitting the road faaaarrrr too often. perhaps my body just needed variety!
  2. I am about to make a confession: yes, a confession to a whole forum of vegans, so i do hope this is read with an open mind. Please keep in mind that the reason I am here is because I have made a conscious decision to become vegan again, so please do not hate me! I was vegan for three years before I got sick. Not just sick, but I came down with a case of shingles on my back. I was twenty two at the time and I thought I was doing all of the right things wiht my diet. It was sumemrtime so I wasnt stressed out, but I was living "on the go" a lot. I had always been a healthy vegan and was appalled with my doctor informed me that I should include some animal protein in my diet, as an amino acid deficiency had caused my shingles. At the time my boyfriend had also gone vegan, and I swear he looked exactaly like a cancer patient. He looked horrible- far too skinny, sallow, dark circles, tirec, cranky, low sex drive, everything. It was awful. It was then that I decided we should both add some animal protein to our diet. I resolved to eat fish here and there, but otherwise stay vegan. The first time my boyfriend took me out for a fish dinner I put on my brave face and let him order. However, as soon as the waiter put to food on the table, I lost control of my brave facade and ran crying to the bathroom. I eventually became braver, and for the past 6 months have been eating raw fish and sometimes eggs. However, I feel different. I do not feel as healthy as I did when I was a "healthy" vegan. I had been trying to accept that since I was a human being with type "O" blood, etc, that this was okay for me...but it feels wrong. I hate not feeling like I am making a positive difference in the world. Without my health as a vegan I was no longer influencing people in positive ways. My boyfriend did a complete 360 and now is an avid steak eater. I am sad to say that I believed that was all okay. I WANT TO BE VEGAN AGAIN. I want to do it healthily, and not end up with some weird freaky illness. I am here for support, advice, and encouragement. I am also here to learn ways to get in shape and still be vegan. I need to revamp my shopping list. I need to think of better things to make for myself when I am "on the go". I think that living in this small town really disconnected me with all of the vegan friends I once had at college. I do not know of one vegan anymore in my area. I also have some athletic goals- one of them is to run a marathon. I can't wait to get started. Your advice (no guilt trips, please) is soooooo accepted. I love you all, and as of today I can call myself a true vegan again
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