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  1. Sunday 6/22/2008 Running: 1:40 h another crap run! average pulse: 170 kcal: 621 Got a high pulse after a short time again. I felt good first but seeing my pulse getting over 175 although I ran so slow was frustrating me a lot. I stopped earlier. Eating: - wellnessflakes with choco soymilk - 1 banana - 1 apricot - 1 nectarine - bruschetta and a big antipasti plate with bread in an Italian restaurant - 2 scoops (?) icecream - 1/2 mango
  2. Saturday 6/21/2008 Push Ups: 7 x 4 V-Crunches: 25 Reverse Crunches: 35 Crunches Legs flat: 30 Side Crunches I: 30 p.s. Side Crunches II: 30 p.s. 8s: 20 (with 1 kg/ 2,2 lb) Scissors: 20 p.s. Elbow to knees: 30 p.s. Ab Curl Ups: 50 some inner thighs exercises bizeps curls: 6 kg x 12 x 3 triceps extensions: 6 kg x 15 x 3 total time: about 2 hours But I watched a Muse-DVD additionally, so one third of the time I spent with singing and dancing.... Eating: - 1 banana - 1 choco biscuit - 1 breadroll with spread, lettuce leaves, seedlings and two slices Velami - 1 apricot - 1 portion Amaranth with leek, red pepper and maize - salad - coffee with sugar and choco soymilk froth
  3. Btw. I've got a nice video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmqcLD5MOXE
  4. Monday, 6/10/2008 snail pace run: 1:45 h average pulse: 169 (???) kcal: 690 After the half of the distance I didn't got down my pulse under 170. I had to run so slow! I got a light dragging pain in my calf again. Got pyrosis. *ARGH* http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/boese/a020.gif Absolutely crap!!! Eating: - wellnessflakes with soymilk - 1 mr. tom peanut bar - 1/2 mango - vegan sushi - 1 banana - 1/2 mango - 1 carrot - 1/2 pine apple - 6 Brazil Nuts - 2 biscuits with vanilla filling
  5. Monday, 6/9/2008 Push Ups: 6x4 Reverse Crunches: 30 V-Crunches: 25 Crunches Legs flat: 25 Side Crunches I: 25 p.s. Side Crunches II: 25 p.s. 8s: 15 (with 1 kg/ 2,2 lb) Scissors: 40 Elbow to knees: 25 p.s. Ab Curl Ups: 40 1/2 h different thigh exercises, some with ankle weights. Eating: - coffee with soymilk and sugar - peach yoghurt with granola - 1 cereal bar - 1/2 cucumber - 1 banana - 1 apricot - 1 hand full of Brazil nuts and cashews - salad with fried tofu topic - I think I will have a second coffee shortly
  6. But if I buy a pet from a pet store they will never stop sellig pets under this bad premises. Demand and supply! And I'm not willing to support that. So often the animals are parted from the mother too early, they are ill, you get wrong information, adverse equipment. How can you fund such people? Preferably I would go to an animal rescue because they really need financial support. They have so much cost. I think it's not bad to pay money for animals because other poor souls benefit from that! I know the pets are in veterinary care, mostly are neutered, immunised (at least here in Germany). That's money you save. And you would give an forsaken animal a second (or more) chance. And maybe more poeple would really reflect on getting a pet if they weren't so cheap or even for free. Every clueless dumb-ass can get a pet and nobody cares.
  7. Sure, but I'm still surprised because here it's forbidden to sell cats or dogs in pet stores. This imagination is terrible. I would never be able to buy a pet like a bag of apples or a pack of toiletpaper. Sorry for offtopic.
  8. You can buy dogs at a store??? That's fantastic! BTW I have a watermelon right know!
  9. Yes, but I wouldn't trust in it!
  10. Saturday, 6/7/2008 Upper Body Session: DB Shoulder Press: 7 kg p. DB x 10 x 2 / 8 kg x 8 x 2 DB Side Bend: 7 kg x 25 p. side x 2 / 8 kg x 25 x 2 DB Row: 7 kg x 20 p. side x 2 / 8 kg x 17 x 2 DB Straight Leg DL: 7 kg p. DB x 20 x 2 / 8 kg x 17 x 2 DB Floor Press: 7 kg p DB x 15 x 2 / 8 kg x 13 x 2 Weighted Crunches: 7 kg x 15 x 2 / 8 kg x 15 x 2 Biceps Curls: 6 kg x 10 x 3 Triceps Extensions: 6 kg x 12 x 3
  11. I hope tomorrow morning *g* But I need more sleep. I hope I don't get up too late.
  12. I just want to advise to put off the neckbands! It could end like this http://www.bellas-viecherlseite.de/harli1.jpg http://hometown.aol.de/niedlichetatze/floh_halsband004.jpg http://hometown.aol.de/niedlichetatze/floh_halsband002.jpg The vetenary federation for animal protection in Germany classifies neckbands as adverse, bells on it as animal cruelty. They have no sense but could be very dangerous. And bells are absolute stressful for that acute hearing of cats.
  13. Some weeks ago I didn't even know that such a variety is possible *g* But it's fun. Friday, 6/6/2008 Running: 1:37 h average pulse: 165 kcal: 612 Slow endurance run - too warm for more speed. Got a hardening of my left calf. It's still aching. Push Ups: 6 x 3 V-Crunches: 20 Reverse Crunches: 25 Crunches Legs flat: 20 Side Crunches I: 20 p.s. (with the whole body on the side) Side Crunches II: 20 p.s. (with only legs on the side, shoulders on the floor) 8s: 15 (with 1 kg/ 2,2 lb) Scissors: 40 Elbow to knees: 20 p.s. Curl Ups: 40 Eating: - coffee with vanilla soymilk and sugar - peach yoghurt with granola and strawberries - 1 apple - some Brazil nuts and cashews - 1 stem cabbage - big salad - 1/4 pine apple - 2 mini choco cookies
  14. That looks great! And it's on a very high level. I wish I would be that agile again.
  15. I messed up an important job interview some weeks ago. The time after was terrible, I felt so unable... For me it's important to let my feelings out. When I feel up to cry - I cry. Running is also good, either for thinking about new solutions, plans, aims, self-reflection or for just switching off. And Music is always an important thing for me to come to terms with the situation. Sometimes it makes me feel worse. But it often motivates and makes optimistic.
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