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  1. thanks for some ideas. i've been starting to work out more lately. it's hard because i work such odd shifts at my job, and my job consists of me sitting all day talking to insurance companies, so i don't move around too much at my job. i feel if i start going on walks at least once a day on top of doing cardio and lifting it would help a lot. also, my diet hasn't been the best lately either, ha. i eat a lot of chips and salsa way too much than i should. but i have been drinking more vegetable juice lately and it's helping me feel more full throughout the day so i don't snack as much. i'll just keep trying, that's all i can do.
  2. I recently started working out again, and would like to know some ways that would help me lose weight? I am working on eating a little healthier, not snacking so much. I need some good recipes that are healthy as well. So if anyone has any ideas, that would help me greatly.
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