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  1. hmm, pity thing is that: "There are no reliable, unfortified plant sources of vitamin B12 (see B12 in Tempeh, Seaweeds, Organic Produce, and Other Plant Foods for more information); therefore fortified foods and/or supplements are necessary for the optimal health of vegans and even vegetarians in many cases. Luckily, vitamin B12 is made by bacterial fermentation such that no animal foods are necessary to provide it." http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/vitaminb12 problem is, that these doesnt come naturaly in to a vegan food. it must be fortified. well i once read it may appear in food through the natural way. but it can only apear in "soiled" vegetabels. so in India for example, many people live a vegan lifestlye but they barely dont get any b12 lacks, because they eat rather "soiled" vegetables. and how the research says b12 appears on "soiled" plants. they get the b12, because they dont wash the plants that clean. well, thats a good point, they can do it this way, because they dont use on this vegetables that much pesticides (well i read it that way in an article, but i'm still not sure if they dont use that much pesticides). and the next point is: many indians which emigrated to the western countries, showed a lack of b12 after some time. so i mean we cant eat our vegetables without washing them, after we know how they're threatened with pesticides and insecticides (well they're allready sold washed). that means we barely cant enough b12 the natural way, with a vegan diet nowadays.(its what research says). In the past it was surely possible for the ppl. to get enough b12 "the natural way" But when i'm thinking about it, the b12 fortified food isnt that bad, (somehow natural too, besides that, meat isnt that natural too nowadays(and milkshit etc..)) hmm, i read somewhere that a little amount of barm could provide you the rda of b12 too, but i have to analyse that. with regards ppl.
  2. well how i analysed the stuff, calcium isnt that big problem even without calcium supplements. look in the western cities ppl. are consuming so much milk and cheese, but the oseoporosis rate is very high. the fact is you cant absorb that much calcium from milk and cheese how from the vegetables. and if you dont eat meat, you dont loose that much calcium from your body. i think a nearly vegan diet is the best thing you can do for your bones and joints. once i consumed much milk and cheese and had always "sounds of cracks" in my joints. when i gave up milk and cheese and that much meat, the "knack sounds" stoped in my joints (but i watched to take calcium out of veggies and was the whole summer on the sun "vitamin D").
  3. it would be everything easier if the B12 wasnt the crunchpoint of a vegan lifestyle. XD
  4. Are all you taking B12 supplements to cover its daily intake? Are some ppl. there, whicht take their vit B12 from veggies too? with regards
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