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  1. Started counting my calories, and im intaking about 3,500 to 4,000 most days. Ive started drinking lots of fruit juice, so I think im back on track. Havent noticed any loss, or gain yet, but that seems an alright sign. I keep reading that squats and deadlifts work well for building upper body mass, but as im already taxing these muscles on a regular basis, would it be overkill to pick up these exercises? I could probably do with building lower back strength, but would it be better to target these muscles to not risk wearing out my legs? Im also curious about your opinions on whether a likely disproportionate amount of strength in my legs to my back, would render squats/deadlifts useless until I build the back strength to keep up.
  2. Ive lifted for about a year now, and although im a hard gainer, overall ive put on weight pretty well, working out each muscle group twice a week. However, the past two months ive been doing a lot of couchsurfing and riding anywhere from 20-70 miles a day, again, on my bike. My biceps/triceps/shoulders have all noticeably shrunk in that time period, and ive lost about 5 pounds, but I think some of my weight just shifted to my legs. Before weightlifting I had a tiny upper body and big legs, as I rode a good amount back then too. I still manage to get home to at least hit every group once, and I dont think im doing too shabby on my food intake. Ive doubled my intake of fruits and rice/beans, and shoot for twice my bodyweight in protein a day, but at 300 grams its sometimes a little tough while roving. Im wondering, if my legs are snagging all my protein/carb/calorie intake, not leaving any for my upper body on days when those muscles groups arent worked as much. I dont know if its conceivable, but im just exploring possibilities. Should I try and do a light workout on my upper body on off days? Do you think its just that I now hit each muscle group once, instead of twice a week? Maybe im just not eating quite enough? Should I try to plan not to ride the day after lifting?
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