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  1. Alright, so I've been creeping around here for a while and thought I would post up some progress pics. I've pretty much let myself go over the last year. I gained roughly 25lbs of fat. There are several things I could blame this on (going through a divorce, becoming an alcoholic, not eating right) but really, I just didn't care about my body. I hit a mental turning point about a month ago. I decided I needed to get my life back together, get back on track and do something about it. I've been in the gym daily, completely changed how I have been eating and cut drinking to once a week. Here are my results... Starting: 6'3, 219lbs Waist - 41.5" Arms - 14.5" Calf - 15.25" Chest - 44" Hip - 40.5" Thigh - 24" Current: 219lbs Waist - 40" Arms - 15.5" Calf - 15.5" Chest - 44.75" Hip - 41.5" Thigh - 24.25" So obviously, I haven't lost any weight. Normally I would be depressed about this but, I've lost an inch and a half in my waist, and have gained size on my arms etc... Apparently burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time, which... I never thought was possible. Also, while I'm at it, I would like to thank "VeganEssentials" for his signature that says "A 'hardgainer' is merely someone who hasn't bothered to try enough different training methods to learn what is actually right for their own damned body" This quote clicked with me. It inspired me to look at my old log books from years back. I had always had great success gaining size with my calves, but never anywhere else... The difference was I was doing 3 sets of 12 on my calves, and 3 sets of 8 on everything else... It always seemed like my arms were getting stronger, yet never bigger... So I decided to boost my reps and it's a huge improvement. Anyways, here is an animated gif of my progress thus far... http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c368/formulatwo/fat.gif My goal is to keep gaining size while losing my gut. I will try and keep everyone updated, hopefully there will come a day when I can post up pictures of a super ripped man body.
  2. Amazing. Everyone I know who is trying to lose weight or get in shape needs to see this. Congrats!
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