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  1. Thx guys, I'm am training hard and feeling great about it. I take a picture of myself everyday in the same pose so in 1,2,3,... years i can make a timelapse video of my progress. I'm a photographer so i can easily do it in my studio. Should be cool! I've allready learned a lot on this website and i'm sure i'll continue to do so.
  2. Hi all, I'll warn you in advance, a descent introduction from my part requires a bit of sad background information. I am Tommy and live in belgium. When i was 14 i became a vegetarian because i couldn't handle talking(i really did) to a cow in the pasture next to my parents house one day, and have a steak from the same animal on my plate the next day. As with most of you my invironment didn't take very kindly to this change but i stood my ground. When i was 16 i was beat up badly and a bouncer took me under his wing. I trained with him 5 times a week. 4 days strengt training, 1day boxing. I did this for over a year a felt great, have never been in such a good shape as i was then. Unfortunately his wife then kicked him out of the house cause he cheated on her and i had to train on my own. It was never the same and when i reached 18 years of age the trouble started. I went to college and didn't work out at all. I ate bad and gained 40kg. I am now 24years old and recently my girlfriend who i had been with since i was 16 cheated on me. I cannot help but think that the fact that i became an ugly fat bastard had a lot to do with it. Actually i'm sure of it. But that offcourse is not a reason to hurt me like that, she could have just ended the relationship. Anyway i now have to move on with my life, and a big part of that live is going vegan and getting back into shape. But offcourse if you go to the gym and tell the trainer your not willing to eat meat or fish they just laugh in your face and send you on your way. I have found a lot of info on vegan bodybuilding but I really want to do things right and know exactly what i should eat. Most of the info i find probably doesn't apply to someone with my body weigt to muscle ratio. I have trained intensifly before and know that it will take a lot of work and patience to get results so i am not looking for a quick fix here. If anyone could please help me figure out a food program that is right for me i would be forever in your debt. I am 1, 89meters tall and currently weigh 121kg. I have some muscle left from earlier days but most of my body weight is simply fat. If you think posting a picture of myself would be helpfull to determaning a descent food program i will do so. Thanks in advance, Tommy
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