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  1. I know of Zia and Burt's Bees (although I think honey is in a lot of BB's products) but neither line has a whole lot of selection. I know there are lots of online stores that have vegan make-up and beauty products but with make up I need to see and try it on before I buy them. Urban Decay (Sephora and Ulta III carries it) has a several items in their make up line that they claim are vegan but their packaging doesn't state that. Instead you have to go online and look for items that are "Marley Approved" (with the purple pawprint) print out hte list and then go to the store. http://www.urbandecay.com/categories/1.cfm Any advice would be great!
  2. I've been a vegetarian for 2 years but a month ago became vegan. I'll start training for my fourth marathon in June. My last one I did as a vegetarian but this will be the first time I've trained as a vegan. I'm concerned about protein because I also have a thyroid issue and from what I've heard thyroid and soy don't get along so well if you have issues. So I can't rely on soy for bulk of my protein. I need to find a meal plan for vegan runners.
  3. I have polycystic ovaries. It was discovered when they were checking other things out, not because of any pain or discomfort. I was surprised. My doc says that as long as my periods are normal I shouldn't pose any problems. I was particularly concerned about whethere they would interfere with fertility etc. down the road but she said it wouldn't.
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