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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Off to have a good read of your website.
  2. Hi i'm an Englishman living in Spain. I actually joined this forum in 2011 when i went vegan.....which became a disaster and after nearly a year i went back to more of a paleo diet. I'm a cyclist (mtb&road) who is now in their 50's who has been fairly successful in competition over many years i found i lacked power and disappointed i didn't see a weight loss after going vegan. Well i am trying again and have been meat and dairy free for 3 weeks now and approaching it a different way....instead of fake meats etc,etc i'm going more high carb low fat and seems to be working i have power and feel fresh the next day after training and don't miss a training session,which was happening to much before. I will include what i eat most days at the moment and any advice is always welcomed. Breakfast: Oats mixed with water topped with bananas and berries Water Fruit juice Dinner: Training day: Taken on the bike Torq energy drink and bars. (check them out at torqfitness.co.uk) After training a recovery smoothie with bananas,berries,cucumber,broccoli,apple,water. Dinner: Non training day: Huge fruit salad or huge green salad....or both! Evening meal: Baked potatoe/s,baked beans in tomatoe sauce and more salad or gluten free rice pasta with a sauce and vegetables. In between meal snacks: Fruits,Melon,bananas,apples,oranges. Well that will do for a first post.
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