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  1. Update for today: right after my previous post, my daughter texted me and asked if we could go to the gym! I did 40 minutes on the elliptical--which doesn't sound like a big deal, but keep in mind that a short year ago I couldn't even STAND for 10 minutes without my knees buckling. I'm paying for it, though--my left (worse) knee is killing me. But I always feel worst right after exercise; by tomorrow mid morning, I'm going to feel great! Love and Light, Miz
  2. Yesterday, no exercise (yes, I'm *still* sharing my car with my daughter). Food yesterday: banana 4-layer dip (raw vegan 'cheez' sauce, mashed avocado, salsa, vegan 'sour cream') and pita chips curry baked potato (with coconut oil, curry power, raisins, and raw cashews) pasta primavera with salsa and vegan 'cheez' sauce vegan 'ice cream' My daughter still has the car, but I'm going stir-crazy from lack of exercise ; my back actually hurts. I did 2 sets of 50 leg lifts with ankle weights at home. Food today: banana/almond butter smoothie vegan "jerky" carrot-almond soup salad with champagne vinaigrette ginger kombucha pita chips tart cherry kombucha I've been feeling very tired/sleepy lately, but I don't feel like I'm actually sick or anything. I could be detoxing, or possibly just starting to come down with something, or maybe I just need to get moving! Keep your fingers crossed that this is the last week I'll have to share my car! Love and Light, Miz
  3. D'oh, forgot to post last night!! Inclement weather (ice storm) kept me away from the gym yesterday and today. Tomorrow, though it's supposed to be 55 degrees! If I can get out during the warmer part of the day, I should be fine! Food yesterday: 2 clementines pineapple kombucha bowl of carrot-cashew-ginger soup with Hot Just Veggies and cashews 2 squares dark chocolate leftover veggie-tofu-cashew stir fry over rice large salad of baby greens, sunflower seeds, raisins, and Hot Just Veggies with ginger vinaigrette pita chips and pine nut hummus wine Food today: glass of dark chocolate almond milk pita chips and pine nut hummus bowl of carrot-cashew-ginger soup pineapple kombucha 2 multi-grain rolls with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dipping sauce wine I might have a crunchy snack later--popcorn, or chili-lime nuts. Love and Light, Miz
  4. Thanks, Karen! Already much better (as is my daughter); apparently it was just a 24-hour bug. Got my title dropped off, the horse fed, my daughter to the doc, one of the dogs bathed, and some other errands taken care of...but no gym today. If my daughter isn't gone overnight--about a 50-50 chance--I'm ready for the gym tomorrow! Food today: smoothie made of frozen bananas, pineapple, coconut milk, and a splash of aloe vera juice french fries 2 pieces of dark chocolate veggie-tofu-cashew stir fry over rice Hurry, weekend! Love and Light, Miz
  5. Feeling much better--and was able to eat pretty well, on and off--but still don't want to spread this virus at the gym. Food today: tea for breakfast (I didn't think my tummy could handle anything else) large salad of greens, Just Hot Veggies, and champagne dressing bowl of carrot-cashew-ginger soup 1 square of dark chocolate guacamole with pita chips pineapple kombucha I got my salvage title today, and will have to drive to Williamstown (about an hour away) tomorrow to set the wheels in motion to get my daughter's car back! I'm hoping against all hope that it will be early next week! Unfortunately, this also most likely means no gym tomorrow; I have to work early so I can take a long lunch to take my daughter to the doc. I'm a "morning person," but there's only so early that I'm willing to get up to go to the gym before work! Love and Light, Miz
  6. Ooops, forgot to post yesterday! Thanks again, Karen, for your kind words!! Yes, I really do get up at 4 am to go to the gym, unless my daughters have sworn to go with me in the afternoon/evening. I prefer early mornings as I don't have to worry about intruding on a class, and I'm almost assured of being able to use whatever machines I want without a wait. The elder girl is sick and the younger has blistered her feet, so I might be getting more early-morning workouts! I worked from 4:45 am to 12:45 pm yesterday and then took my daughter to a doc appointment. As soon as we got home, she took my car. I did do my leg extensions, though! I didn't think I'd get any gym time, but my daughter came home early, so we went. Unfortunately, she popped some blisters on her heels (which started bleeding) so we had to pack it up early and come home; I probably got between 10 and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. But the upside is, any exercise is better than none, and that's 15 minutes of my life I *wasn't* stuffing my face and watching Hulu! Food yesterday: Lara bar pineapple kombucha apple slices with a dip made of almond butter, coconut milk, and cinnamon bowl of popcorn with margarine, garlic powder and nutritional yeast (which gives it a cheesy flavor) whole-wheat pasta with onion, broccoli, squash, carrots, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar ginger kombucha Will post back again tonight with today's report. I think I've caught my daughter's stomach virus, so it's not likely I'll go to the gym today. They do have containers of anti-bacterial wipes--and I'm SO glad that I was super-vigilant about using them last night--but I hesitate to expose anyone else, even if I'm feeling well. Love and Light, Miz
  7. Exercise was a bit choppy tonight, because there were classes going on and we had to work around them. Was really looking forward to throwing the medicine ball again, but a class was getting ready to start. 7 minute warmup on recumbent bike about 20 minutes weights (upper and lower body) 5 minutes core 15 minutes elliptical 5 minutes stretching (at home) 2 sets of 50 leg extensions (each leg) Food today: red and green grapes grape chia seed kombucha dark chocolate almond milk salad with avocado and Just Hot Veggies (better than croutons on salad!!) and champagne vinaigrette bowl of whole wheat pasta with garlic, vegan 'cheez' sauce, and salsa 2 squares of dark chocolate baked potato with what I call 'gado gado' sauce (peanut butter thinned with coconut milk and a dash or 2 of ginger) Tomorrow I have to be at work by 5 am, but my daughter wants to go to the gym again in the evening; I don't think any classes are scheduled, so it might be easier to do the things we want to. Love and Light, Miz
  8. Exercise today: 7 minutes warmup on the recumbent bike 5 minutes stretching 20 minutes on the elliptical about 5 more minutes on the recumbent bike 5 minutes core exercises 10 minutes tossing a medicine ball with my daughters Food today: grape chia seed kombucha (store-bought) raw bar vegan jerky apple carrot-cashew-ginger soup vegan chocolate chip cookies french fries It was wonderful having some "girl time" at the gym with my daughters, and they both want to do it again tomorrow! I prefer to go with them, at any time, but if I go alone I prefer to go early in the morning to avoid crowds (although you'd be surprised how many people work out at 4 am!). Now that I have a commitment from them to go in the afternoon, I won't have to get up so early tomorrow. Love and Light, Miz
  9. I was at a Reiki class for most of the day, so no exercise. Food today: Lara bar pineapple kombucha fruit (raspberries, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, cantaloupe) tabbouleh red pepper hummus with pita chips salsa and tortilla chips broccoli carrots corn french fries Love and Light, Miz
  10. Whew!! Got a lot done today towards getting my daughter's car back--but that meant little time for anything else (OK, it didn't help that it took me 30 minutes to tear the house apart looking for the title). Exercise: 2 sets of 50 (each leg) leg extensions w/ankle weights (2 or 2.5 lbs.) I really think this is helping; I was on my feet a lot today and my knees barely bothered me--even though the high today was 18 degrees F! I might make this a daily thing at home--the only quad exercise I do at the gym, besides the recumbent bike, is the leg press, where I'm doing about 160 (I could do 400 in college). At 2 sets of 50 on the leg extension, I feel a bit of a burn while doing it, but no soreness afterward. So I feel I can safely do this daily. Maybe I can even add a 3rd set? Food today: tortilla chips and raw vegan 'cheez' dip curried couscous vegan pizza (I'm eating some now as I type this; will probably have the rest later for a snack) Not the best 'food day,' but I was on the road a lot, and in fact, need to drop my daughter off at a friend's house in about an hour! Love and Light, Miz
  11. Thanks, Karen, I appreciate the support! Exercise was 2 sets of 50 reps leg extensions, with ankle weights (I think about 2 or 2.5 lbs.). My knees make the most God-awful noises when I do it, but they don't hurt...that's the important thing! I don't use the leg extension machine at the gym; I don't like that particular one at all! The seat is kinda V shaped and the leg bar isn't adjustable (and hangs straight down)--so you have to bend your knees way past 90 degrees to even get your feet behind the bar. No can do (without extreme discomfort). Due to weather conditions, I'm not going to venture out at 4 am tomorrow (snow/freezing rain/high winds). I found some 8 lb. dumbbells that I can use in my office while waiting for programs to run, and of course I have my ankle weights. I'm only working a half-day so I can run some errands; I might be able to squeeze in a quick cardio workout before--you guessed it!--my daughter needs the car for the evening. Food today: grapes clementine tart cherry kombucha salad of baby greens, sunflower seeds, and raisins, with champagne vinaigrette bowl of carrot-cashew-ginger soup baked potato with coconut oil and curry powder Love and Light, Miz
  12. OK, completely bummed. My daughter asked a few days ago if she could use the car overnight tonight. No worries, as I was planning on only a M/W/F workout schedule. She asked to borrow it to go to the movies last night; again, no problem. What she neglected to tell me was that she was staying overnight at a friend's house. So I get up early for the gym this morning--and no car. Plus, no car tomorrow morning, either. I really need to do something with my quads, so I'm going to strap on the ankle weights and do about 100 reps tomorrow. Food today: 2 clementines raspberries tart cherry kombucha whole wheat pasta with broccoli, carrots, and garlic, in a vegan 'goddess' dressing 1 square dark chocolate tortilla chips with guacamole and raw vegan 'cheez' dip wine Love and Light, Miz
  13. My knees were terribly tender this morning, so I skipped the gym. But I could really feel yesterday's workout in my legs! I know, I have to be patient and accept the fact that I might not be able to just jump right in going every day...baby steps. But I really feel good, both physically and mentally, and really looking forward to going tomorrow! My elder daughter just joined Weight Watchers, and she gets more "points" (i.e., is allowed to eat more) if she goes to the gym. Ours is open 24/7, so I'm hoping we can work out a schedule to spend some time together there! Food today: tart cherry kombucha 2 clementines bowl of carrot-cashew-ginger soup salad of baby greens and raspberries, with champagne vinaigrette dressing baked potato with a sauce made from peanut butter, coconut milk, and ginger, sprinkled with raisins and pumpkin seeds (this is super-super good on baked sweet potatoes, but I was out) Now to enjoy a glass of wine and call it an early night! Love and Light, Miz
  14. Hi Laura, sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work; I'm cheering for you! Love and Light, Miz
  15. Workout today: 7 minutes warmup on the recumbent bike about 30 minutes of weights/core about 5 minutes of stretching 20 minutes on the elliptical (On weightlifting days (M/W/F), I don't use the arm poles on the elliptical; I read somewhere that *not* using them works your core and improves your balance. But, using them does increase calorie burn, so I do use them on cardio-only days. Also, because I'm still going pretty easy on the weights, I do everything--arms, legs, abs, shoulders--on alternate days. Once I've built my strength back up, and start doing more sets, I might split up into "upper body days" and "lower body days.") Food today: banana smoothie (2 bananas, spoonful of peanut butter, cinnamon, ginger, aloe vera juice) grapes blueberry kombucha a few sips of tea whole-gain french bread with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dipping sauce dehydrated summer squash chips I haven't had supper yet and my daughter is in the kitchen cooking now, so I'm trying to stay out from underfoot. But I'm going to have the rest of that french bread and some carrot-cashew-ginger soup later! Love and Light, Miz
  16. Food for today: Glass of dark chocolate almond milk Multi-grain french bread with olive oil/balsamic vinegar dipping sauce Glass of blueberry kombucha Bowl of grapes Flax crackers with guacamole Raw zucchini and summer squash with raw vegan "chile con queso" Wine No gym today--my daughter has my car (and my gym pass is attached to my keychain anyway--D'oh!!). But I've already asked my other daughter if I can borrow her car and gym pass in the morning, with the promise of putting some gas in the tank. YAY!! I'm really excited about getting back into the swing of things! Love and Light, Miz
  17. Wow, a brand new shiny clean start! After suffering (that's the appropriate word) with arthritis for years, and getting only moderate relief from drugs, injections, and physical therapy, I decided to take the bull by the horns and walk (limp) my own path. I won't bore you with the details here--you can look up my Intro post--but I am now at the point where I can seriously start exercising again. I've also adopted a high-raw vegan diet, after being an ovo-lacto vegetarian for over 30 years. Due to a birth in the family, a car accident, and the resulting flu from my compromised immune system (from all the stress), I was unable to go to the gym this week. Today is the first day I haven't run a fever, so I'm back on track first thing Monday morning! Food today: Large glass of blueberry kombucha Pilaf of white and wild rice, butternut squash, green onion, and craisins in a vinaigrette Raw vegan "nachos," with raw zucchini/summer squash/carrot slices as the chips, with raw vegan "cheez" sauce, salsa, and guacamole Water Strawberry wine slushie (OK, I know that sounds awful, but it really was a small amount of wine, compared to the frozen strawberries!) I may have more to eat before bed tonight. I have high BP due to years of NSAID use, so I'm trying to watch my salt intake--although there are some tortilla chips calling my name. Maybe just a half-avocado's worth of guacamole and a few chips? Blessings to all of you on your healthy endeavors! Love and Light, Miz
  18. I'm just now getting back into exercise after being literally crippled with stage 4 osteoarthritis. After ignoring my doc, stopping all arthritis meds, and using a holistic/natural approach, I feel better now than I did on Celebrex and Mobic. I had been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for over 30 years, and have recently gone vegan. I'm going high-raw as well, but in the winter, I feel better with some cooked foods (soup, baked potato, or a mug of heated V-8 with garlic). Obviously, I'm going to be somewhat limited in what I can do--for example, leg extensions can only be done with about 2 lbs. max. I hope to improve, but realize that I may never get back to where I was in college. I also have issues with being on my feet for extended amounts of time, and even relatively low-impact cardio (treadmill) is out. Years of limping have shortened the muscles and tendons in the backs of my legs, and I tend to have a lot of strain/tightness from my achilles tendon upward. A combination of vegan diet, weights, elliptical/recumbent bike, supplements (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM) and 16-32 oz. kombucha daily has really made a huge difference so far. As my knees feel better, I can exercise more; as I exercise more, I lose weight and take even more pressure off my knees. It's a win-win situation! What I hope to accomplish short-term is to lose enough weight and strengthen my legs enough to be OKed for knee replacement surgery--but what I really hope will happen, is that I won't need it! My first doc told me I was too young and wouldn't even consider me for surgery (although I had a terrible limp and was damaging other parts of my body in the process). My current doc will do the surgery, but wants me to lose weight so the new knee will last longer. I would LOVE to trot (yes, trot!) into his office one day and tell him that I no longer need his services! Miz
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