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  1. VEGANPOTTER What would you recommend in terms of diet ? Im in the same position, im female, lift, do cardio and stick to a vegan diet, i have been on ohter forums and everybody punts so much protein, i dont want to look like a bodybuild, im a model so that look isnt what i want. At the moment im eating: fruit with almonds 2x pure protein capsules(by enzyme process) (green marine algae) Raw salads with olive oil seeds (1/4) cup a day Steamed veggies and raw salad for dinner with almonds (2xpure protein capsules) Not sure if im having too much fat?
  2. Thanks for the all advice! Im doing cardio 3 days a week and 3 days full body resistant training. What would you change in my diet? Add more of what? I dont want to eat too much fruit, and happy with lost of veg and raw salad. Should I add some egg white? fish?
  3. Hi, I need advice on my diet - im 5'7 and want to lose 20 pounds, I have muscle, i need to lose the fat.... I have a shoot coming up in 8 weeks, this is my plan: I cant have protein due to kidney probelms, i retain water very easily.... breakfast: apple and 5 almonds lunch: large raw salad with sprouts and 1tsp flaxseed oil dinner: large raw salad and steamed veg snack: 15 almonds maybe some berries I read eat to live - but dont do grains, tofu, soy, tempeh, protein powders.. Please coment, i dont mind losing some muscle, im doing a bikini shoot and as a model the agency doesnt care too much for muscle.... please advice... thanks vanessa
  4. Thanks - will check it out! Eat to live looks good! just ordered it! Thanks !
  5. thanks for the replies! Could anyone give me a sample of a cutting diet with little or no protein. I dont eat soy, beans, hemp etc... Would appreciate your input....my trainer has me doing as low carb, low cal diet, I dont eat chicken, meat, dairy or fish, so its just greens and some essential fats... thanks vanessa
  6. Hi, im new here, I wanted to know if it is possible to get t a low body fat % with little or no protein? I have been advised to eat protein at every meal, use shakes, egg whites and chicken in order to reach my goals. This just doest seem natural to me, sure its all clean etc... but what about the all the acid in the system etc... At the moment I eat mainly green veggies, 2 low Gi fruits (apple and berries) , and essential fats (olive oil and flax) lots of raw salad. I dont touch oats, bread, rice, potatoes etc.... I have started to include egg whites, after I train, but dont really want to go that route. Would love your input! thanks
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