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  1. hi yh i understand what your saying, if i remember correctly that my eczema this time round didnt come within a click, as i embrassingly start to stratch the area not thinking about it as it was a bit itchy and the next i thing i know, eczema appears and plus i live in the uk where recently its been cold since i got this eczema so i do realise that as a correlation. my other main concern is light night sweats for which i dont understand, i would wake up in the middle of the night sweating mildly even in a freezing cold room! any solutions by anybody would help!
  2. hi is there more stress?...well kind off with family, i have been a bit wild unusually so that will be probably be a factor but never understood how just stressing could cause such a thing? does stress include shouting and etc? im not sure if its high fat though since i read in these forums some fellow vegans eat up to 100g of fats a day?!
  3. Hi, I used to have it before i was vegan but dont actually remember what caused it tbh. Do you know if it has to do with my diet with high fats exceeding 100g of FAT through nuts and avocados? thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Well im male,20yrs old, turned vegan a month ago. im 6ft and 144pounds and excerise 3 times a week But since i turned vegan i have gotten eczema on my left arm between my elbows?!, on my neck and behind my ears?!? and also have light night sweats and havent slept properly for a month since turning vegan why is this so?? please help my diet for a typical day is: 100g oats handful blueberries 3-4 strawberries ALOT of water 100g almonds 50g flax seed 50g sesame 1 avocado 60-100gram of kale 1 bell pepper 500g-1000g of cooked brown rice 500g-1000g of lentils,split lentils,chick peas or similar tble spoon of EVOO tble spoon of ACV 5 medjool dates and the ocassional bananas Any clues what i been doing wrong? and i cant tolerate wheat and gluten. And any answers about soy controvesary as i really want to eat more various foods! like tempeh n tofu Many Thanks
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