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  1. Fyi - I am 45 yrs old and have been hard core vegan for about 9 months. Energy is up and I have lost about 12bs. I run around 15-20 miles a week and completed a marathon in March. On my non-running days (4 days a week) I lift pretty heavy for about an hour to keep my muscle loss to a aminimum.However, I have been experiencing a problem with muscle soreness. I have been lifting seriously around 15 years and I always try to have post workout drink that includes 30-40 grams of protein. Since I have gone vegan, I have switched from Whey to Soy protein. Problem is that my muscles are VERY sore after my workouts, not the normal sorness that you experience after a good workout. I did not have that problem when I was using whey protein. Any suggestions? thx
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